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  • The_BullThe_Bull    727 posts
    Why do you think WA wont be far behind?

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,246 posts
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    One of my fave races Australia wide the Group One Goodwood Handicap in SA thought was a very average field this year.
    When you think racing in Victoria and NSW can't get any stronger - they do, and conversely racing in SA, WA, Tassie can't get much weaker - they do!

    Queensland been slip sliding away too, Stradbroke field was ok but seen 100 times better ones.
    If small fields ( as McEvoy half alluded to ) is the name of the game - WA and SA city meetings are romping it in.

    Field sizes use to be an issue and to be dealt with - now it's just a shrug of the shoulders response. Come out of the present dark ages and get 14 - 16 size horse fields back.
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    Best money earner in South Australia is Submarines trained by Christopher Pyne

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