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The Other Belmont Preview for 13/7/19 by TMP (still)

West Australian Racing
Not many 'shorties' tomorrow except for Gatting (still recovering from his eyelash loss last time).
There are a few that stand out for me and some even races too.

R/1 Laverodd is now on a good track and back to1000m compared to last week when I was a bit keen.
So I look elsewhere. Like our expert I thought Hooray Lad looked good; but then I thought the price is too good!
I really liked the way the Maestro's horse Is a B dashed through in the last bit to win the trial. The Smart Missile lot have done v good turns for me.

R/2 GG for LS with WP now on is fave. She really does have availability, so I cannot leave her out despite the confusing move with the distances of her races.
Like our expert, I initially liked Metro Boy; he did disappoint me 2nd up in his first prep but won 2 races in his 2nd prep. The City Place horses have promiseda lot but......
So I went for She's Vital; looks like I''m thing SP will have a big riding day. The draw is v v good and with a cosy run she can finish off well.

R/3 I have gone with the fave here; hoping for a top BK ride. When you look at her previous form, it was top notch.
I already have an all up going after i spotted a Snitzel horse in the heavy at Geelong!

R/4 Looking for another stayer to run close to the fave here, I crossed out CPWM, evn though he has done me so many good turns. I just thought he looked a bit tired last start.
So I went for Mr Alby. Maybe a good track will suit him better and he is so tough. If he is in front of the fave in the straight, it will be v v interesting.

R/5 I looked at Coming Around's replays and he is always 'coming around'! My hope is that he has gone up a notch and that ridden cold with a fast pace, he could run over them.
Of course I cannot leave out 4,5,8 and 9.
The story around Mankind is really something; I backed him more than once without succes when he was in the top yard. But now he has blossomed into a glorious looking type and racing accordingly.
Misty Lad in front would be hard to run down.
The WP mount from AD yard disappointed me at the end of his prep last time but now he is racing fresh which he seems to really like.
Frd Dag is a conundrum; will he race back or close?

R/6 I am ultra keen on Pym's Royale. He is definitely back this prep; trainer is doing v well in town.
The fave seems often to find a way to be beaten; seemed a bit flat around the turn last time when miraculously Stageman got the break on him!

R/7 After looking at replays and chewing the cud alot,I just went for the fave. His times seem not to be brilliant but he keeps beating classy types. Let's see how he runs along in front tomorrow.

R/8 I thought LHMR did not just look at his best last start. I'd worry if he is boxed in.
Looking for something from the back, the Maestro's horse MMC with WP up looks v interesting.
Playing Marika seems to be jumping a few grades here but is v promising.
I wish Paddy's Shadow had drawn a gate.
Like our expert I was attracted to Lucky Roar as she can race so well up front but I am never on her at the right time (it's called zigging and zagging).
Let's try for another good day again. If it is good, I won't be having a Pym's, I will be on a good red!

By the way I heard on the radio about a guy lying on his bed looking at the ceiling. He said 'It's not the best ceiling I've seen, but it is right up there.'

All the Best.


  • thefalconthefalcon    16,016 posts
    always a pleasure to read, piker..lets hope there are a few winners in there.
    be interesting you versus Daniel....
    edited July 12
    Appreciate the time and effort again Piker.

    My sixpence worth.............

    R2 She's Vital
    R3 Fairview
    R5 Two bolters who can get involved are Vintage Stock & Salamaat
    R6 Get Over It is interesting and Luke's Gold is a good each way chance at any old price. 
    R7 Missile Launch
    R8 Thisaway if it gets a run is my bet of the day and each way at least. Was chopped off by eventual winner Moschard last start and amazingly wasn't mentioned in the stewards comments. Otherwise Time To Hunt is the go.

  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    7,494 posts
    Definitely interested in Get Over It. The price is good considering the excellent trials

    Best of the day. Double Digit :)>-
  • WhatisthepointWhatisthepoint    20 posts
    What a joke betfsir somehow knows pyms royal had none yet it’s 2nd up record is great looked great in yard and good sectionals.Please explain stewards I be waiting to see you do your job that type of shit is y this game is a joke.
  • psychopsycho    265 posts

    What a joke betfsir somehow knows pyms royal had none yet it’s 2nd up record is great looked great in yard and good sectionals.Please explain stewards I be waiting to see you do your job that type of **** is y this game is a joke.

    First up the pace was full on, Pym's got back and made ground as you would expect, yesterday was 2nd up the pace was muddling Pym's pulled (threw head about) and was flat in the straight. I would forget the run yesterday and give it another chance, in my opinion it was way too short anyway (along with Free Trade) and the winner got to a silly price ($5.50 fixed and $6.20 betfair)
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