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Kirby v Pike - A Humdinger

West Australian Racing
Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,236 posts
A couple of long priced winners at Belmont Park yesterday but that didn't stop the cream rising to the top as the two hot favourites in the Jockey Challenge went toe to toe with just one point separating them going into the last race.

At the commencement of the meeting Brodie Kirby started favourite at $1.86 and Willy Pike $2.85.
Here's how it unfolded...
Kirby off to a flyer 3-0, Pike comes back to make it 3-3, then Come Play With Me give's Kirby a 6-3 buffer, not for long Pike comes back on Stageman to make it 6-6, then a third placing to Pike aboard Nikitas and in a arm wrestle the champ takes the lead 7-6, down the stretch they come, neck and neck, a race to go and Pike leads by one.

Kirby on the fave, Pike aboard 8/1 chance Make Mine Champers - Kirby goes bang, Pikey unplaced.
JC all over.
Kirby 9.
Pike 7.

Kirby 3, 3, 3.
Pike 3, 3, 1.

5 winners from 8 races between both.
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