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Huge win in The Everest. Arcadia Queen looked gone with 200M to go but then got a massive squeeze sideways


  • therealkramertherealkramer    7,581 posts
    The race still needs a champion to win it. Best horse ran 2nd imo
  • silkysilky    310 posts
    Not even the best 3yo in the country
  • savethegamesavethegame    1,786 posts
    When Bob Peters called time on enticing star regards running in the Everest using Waller's slot....Waller was over the moon,plus singing the praises of peters, decision------under his breath I need to get this colt in which will make him worth 50 million for coolmore,  Maybe she was never going to be good enough but 1400 with hood-off.firstup. with your aim second-up at 1200 strange.

    Thought serious doubts about arcadia queen at the 1200---as in to short, but 1300m first-up--seem to run dead legged  today---backed yes yes yes.  .Bit dubious how much room a camp like wallers can manoeuvre with there own slot , the best trainer in Australia unless he has multiple runners, no-one is going to access his best chance before waller racing. Interesting to see if bob peters calls time on arcadia queen regards the golden eagle,thought before  today it was at her mercy.. Thinking of Lil Caesar always makes very cautious with this mob.but nailed them today
  • therealkramertherealkramer    7,581 posts
    @savethegame It was a strange ride.They really must've thought she was the next Winx. Nature Strip was huge considering they've run a track record...the first three have come from the back though so AQ's performance needs to be judged within that context. Golden Eagle rival Brutal was slightly disappointing but was probably looking for further 2nd up...1500m should be ideal.

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  • ChrisChris    4,359 posts
    Jockey mentioned Arcadia got shit mixed and was then out of contention
  • therealkramertherealkramer    7,581 posts
    Chris said:

    Jockey mentioned Arcadia got **** mixed and was then out of contention

    They rode he upside down-it was madness. There was always going to be pace on with Nature Strip in the race. I thought they'd ride her cold and she'd be a chance of running over the top of them late.

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  • savethegamesavethegame    1,786 posts

    Chris said:

    They rode he upside down-it was madness. There was always going to be pace on with Nature Strip in the race. I thought they'd ride her cold and she'd be a chance of running over the top of them late.
    Thought exactly that Kramer she be ridden back.....But when theres too much money involved generally these races become processions ,and the highlight will be purely  because there top class horses,and can run quick fractions ,no-one will   chance there arm..

    Until one stable has three runners---then there tactics are standard one forward-- one off the speed--and one back. Certaintly didn't suit her but going through the sectionals and her overall time of 1.08.10. she had three splits of early..and the one expected to lead from the stable nature strip ran his first 800m in 44.91.and went enormous,horses that ran three outta the four slowest first 800m ran 1,2,3,

    As much as these scenarios due to stables having multiple runners,can contribute to genuine run races ----, as punter you have to second guess what you think will happen,After the race  waller's comments, he said prior to the race to coolmore we can do this, what did he say to bob,peters-----hope he said the eagle is yours

    .Hope she has pulled up sound,only slight negative pushing early yesterday may come back to bite  going to 1500m in a fortnight if she starts pulling.

    Both ex--Darren weir horses yes-yes-yes,and nature strip.

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  • detonatordetonator    2,191 posts
    It is amazing how many times Waller has multiple runners in a race and it is one of his lesser favoured runners getting up.
    Hindsight is a wonderful thing when reflecting on AQ. 1200m against the best in Australia and they run 1min 7sec.
    AQ came to national attention carrying no weight to victory in an 1800m event. So they put her in a 1200m dash ?
    Waller didn't even do that with Winx. So is there more to the AQ/Waller/Peters/Eagle to play out ???

  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,150 posts
    edited October 2019
    It was the perfect result for Waller, and if it was the plan all along he is an absolute magician

    Enticing Star goes badly and goes straight to the barn. He already has AQ in there for another slot holder. Sweet, even though she isn't a dedicated sprinter. Meanwhile, Nature Strip wins the Moir being let run after taking the sit first up and "failing" and bang, another slot holder locks him up for Waller, giving him the break neck speed he needs. Waller having the slot empty because of Enticing Star thinks, hmm, let's get a 3yo Colt in there. Let's also get a stud deal. It's the perfect storm.

    Has 3 in the race. Nature Strip goes handle bars down setting the race up for a back marker. You think AQ is that back marker, but no she is ridden better than midfield, an unusual tactic given her previous runs. She is favorite, had all the media after coming back from he initial campaign and winning a Group 2 over 1300m. We all know she isn't a sprinter and the GE is her race but she still runs favorite...AQ finds plenty of trouble and here comes the very lightly weighted colt who after sitting on the back of Classique Legend outsprints them all, giving Waller the trainers purse, the slot purse and also a portion of the 50 million stud deal.

    It's a wonderful story which plays out perfectly. It's easy in hindsight

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  • savethegamesavethegame    1,786 posts
    Well written H-Bomber that'll do for the book.....Just my beef with what transpired, with the w.a. horses arcadia queen was locked in to a slot.in june, for the Everest, with most punters and as you stated the golden eagle was the better option,first up 1300 then freshen five weeks later for 1200,waller said she was screaming fresh ,the replay shows nearly could have held the lead for the first 400m,j.mac. had a decent grip.as he was steading her, now has to have her ready for G.E. in a fortnight at 1500m.
    Waller stated on radio how mr, peters brilliant owner knows his horses insideout they race to a pattern, as we all know peters horses fall out gates and work into there races. she raced confused,wouldn't surprise me if peters calls time on her campaign,now----hope not.

    Enticing Star record 10 starts 8 wins 1 second prior to going over,worst performance of her career came in 1400m lee steere , ran 6/8 to gatting -----bingo first up 1400m.after two impressive trial wins..retired.-----career best run 2nd Winterbottom. 1200m hood on.

    Waller and his shareholders were keen on nature strip,to replace enticing star then switched to the colt, once peters confirmed she was out. Can't believe, Richest race they allow a trainer to be a slot holder, who then if he wishes can choose a horse from outside his stable, even if three of his own were in a Everest representing other slot-holders. not hard to stack the deck- raceday. alarming drifter in betting redzel not hard to see why. nature strip 44.91 first 800m  no led there china. Few light years away before they break  new track record1.07.32. for 1200 at randwick.

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  • detonatordetonator    2,191 posts
    Looking into my crystal ball. :-B
    AQ to start and blitz the Golden Eagle. After her "tune up" in the Everest.
    Waller to add "astute businessman" to his resume. In very good company with Bob.
    Watch this space !!! :D

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  • savethegamesavethegame    1,786 posts
    Det. like your crystal ball....Bob leaning to ending campaign....Hope waller  intervenes this time. ----have got kolding on speed, bob need your mare out the back. wide and late.
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,150 posts
    As brilliant as RJ Peters is, I reckon he was a little blinded by money here, and fair enough. I would have loved to see her (AQ) with another trainer or with Enticing Star in the race. Now the Golden Eagle is up in the air which is such a shame because she is potentially/is the best 4yo on the country and she might not be there. Plus she will be running against an absolute star studded field which in my opinion could be the race of the Sydney season.

    I wonder without an Everest race where AQ might have preferentially gone. Maybe an Epsom like a Kolding? Maybe a Cox Plate campaign? I fear this will be it for her. She would have killed them over 1200 m in any other race but that Everest was everything it should have been. A fair dinkum fire breathing sprint of the best in the land. Even Winx wouldnt have won.

    These races are great but are ruining campaigns for our greatest horses because they are timed to interfere with other carnivals and high quality races. There needs to be more done to create an umbrella that covers all states because these rivalries are pretty and not in racings best interest

  • detonatordetonator    2,191 posts
    To me it is all about the money with decisions made.
    A relatively easy kill on paper The Golden Eagle at 7.5million against 4 year olds only was a financially better option than a much harder Cox Plate worth 5 million.
    Was the Everest a gut buster ? AQ was stopped ridden out with 200m to go due to being squeezed up. JMac said she was squeezed out but stopped short of saying she had enough even though it looked like that to the naked eye.
    Brutal probably had a tougher run in the race prior but is stepping up to the plate.
    Classique Legend stepping up as well.
    Why not AQ ?? Surely the Golden Eagle was the Grand Final and hopefully it still will be.

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  • savethegamesavethegame    1,786 posts
    Det. your crystal ball is coming clearer by the minute------,A.Q hope the big mare goes bang.J.Mac.has made the choice  to stay in syd. to ride. Article says her work has been outstanding-----see getting her to settle may be a  slight  concern. after the hustle early l/start, plus getting back from gate 5, then getting clear air, when he wants to push the go button. He intends to ride her back,

    Probably only couple of australias available best four-year  olds missing from the race.
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