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AFLW 2020

PAULPAUL    2,576 posts
The 2020 AFLW fixtures were released this morning. 

Adelaide (premiers 2017 & 2019) 
Brisbane (finalist 2017 & 2018) 
Geelong (semi-finalist 2019) 
Gold Coast 
North Melbourne 

Carlton (finalist 2019) 
Fremantle (semi-finalist 2019) 
St Kilda 
West Coast Eagles 
Western Bulldogs (premiers 2018) 

(all times listed are WST) 

Round 1 (Feb 7-9) 
RIC v CAR, Princes Park, Fri 4:40 
GWS v GC, Blacktown, Sat 10:10 
MEL v NM, Casey Fields, Sat 12:10 
BL v ADE, Hickey Park, Sat 2:10 
COL v WCE, Victoria Park, Sun 10:10 
STK v WB, Moorabbin, Sun 12:10 
FRE v GEE, Fremantle Oval, Sun 2:10 

Round 2 (Feb 14-16) 
WB v MEL, Whitten Oval, Fri 4:40 
NM v GWS, York Park, Sat 12:10 
GC v RIC, Carrara, Sat 2:10 
WCE v FRE, Perth Stadium, Sat 4:10 
GEE v BL, Kardinia Park, Sun 10:10 
CAR v COL, Princes Park, Sun 12:10 
ADE v STK, Richmond Oval, Sun 2:10 

Round 3 (Feb 21-23) 
STK v MEL, Moorabbin, Fri 4:10 
WB v CAR, Whitten Oval, Sat 12:10 
GC v BL, Carrara, Sat 2:10 
FRE v COL, Fremantle Oval, Sat 4:10 
GWS v WCE, Blacktown, Sun 10:10 
RIC v NM, Punt Road Oval, Sun 12:10 
GEE v ADE, Kardinia Park, Sun 2:10 

Round 4 (Feb 28-Mar 1) 
COL v MEL, Victoria Park, Fri 4:10 
RIC v GEE, Queen Elizabeth Oval, Sat 12:10 
NM v GC, Arden Street Oval, Sat 2:10 
WCE v WB, Leederville Oval, Sat 4:10 
ADE v CAR, Richmond Oval, Sun 10:10 
STK v FRE, Moorabbin, Sun 12:10 
BL v GWS, Hickey Park, Sun 2:10 

Round 5 (Mar 6-8) 
GC v GEE, Great Barrier Reef Arena, Fri 4:10 
NM v ADE, North Hobart Oval, Sat 12:10 
GWS v RIC, Robertson Oval, Sat 2:10 
CAR v STK, Princes Park, Sat 4:10 
COL v WB, Morwell Recreation Reserve, Sun 10:10 
MEL v WCE, Casey Fields, Sun 12:10 
FRE v BL, Fremantle Oval, Sun 2:10 

Round 6 (Mar 13-15) 
GEE v NM, Kardinia Park, Fri 4:10 
BL v COL, Hickey Park, Sat 12:10 
STK v RIC, Moorabbin, Sat 2:10 
MEL v CAR, Traeger Park, Sat 4:40 
WB v FRE, Whitten Oval, Sun 10:10 
ADE v GWS, Richmond Oval, Sun 12:10 
WCE v GC, Lathlain Oval, Sun 2:10 

Round 7 (Mar 20-22) 
RIC v BL, Punt Road Oval, Fri 2:45 
CAR v WCE, Princes Park, Sat 10:10 
NM v WB, Arden Street Oval, Sat 12:10 
GWS v GEE, Sydney Showground, Sat 2:10 
GC v ADE, Fankhauser Reserve, Sun 10:10 
FRE v MEL, Fremantle Oval, Sun 1:10 
COL v STK, Victoria Park, Sun 3:10 

Round 8 (Mar 27-29) 
WB v GWS, Whitten Oval, Fri 2:45 
CAR v FRE, Docklands, Sat 10:10 
GEE v COL, Kardinia Park, Sat 12:10 
BL v NM, 'Gabba, Sat 2:10 
ADE v RIC, Unley Oval, Sun 10:10 
MEL v GC, Casey Fields, Sun 1:10 
WCE v STK, Lathlain Oval, Sun 3:10 

April 4-5 

April 11-12 

April 18 or 19 
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  • PAULPAUL    2,576 posts
    PAUL said:

    April 4-5 

    April 11-12 

    April 18 or 19 
    The finals format has changed from the previous season, with it being extended by an extra week.

    2nd in A v 3rd in B
    2nd in B v 3rd in A

    1st in A v (winner of 2nd in B v 3rd in A)
    1st in B v (winner of 2nd in A v 3rd in B)

    Winner of both preliminary finals
  • RIORIO    14,357 posts
    How will this comp ever be taken seriously when 5hit like this happens.????

    Could anyone ever seriously envisage soemoen like Shannon Hurn rocking up to preseason training in 2018, do all the work for the season ahead, be part of all the pre-season drafting of players, setting of team plans....then on the verge of the season opener, say. I think this is the right time for me to retire.

    Just lost me after being slightly interested this season...And they want to be paid at a rate commensurate with teh real AFL.....hahahahaha
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,514 posts
    C'mon Rio, you were welling up during that video, surely.
  • TiversTivers    7,582 posts
    Tom Boyd
  • RIORIO    14,357 posts
    H-BOMBER said:

    C'mon Rio, you were welling up during that video, surely.

    VERY close..haha
  • RIORIO    14,357 posts
    Tivers said:

    Tom Boyd

    was he captain??? I thought he'd been dropped from the leadership group the year before!?!?
  • TiversTivers    7,582 posts
    Was on > $1m a year.
    That counts !
  • RIORIO    14,357 posts
    Tivers said:

    Was on > $1m a year.
    That counts !

    hahahaha...not really, but similar
  • TheSwooperTheSwooper    1,654 posts
    Hi Mr Rio, think you might be a tad harsh here. Better now than later. I only listened to the first bit  but maybe at 34, the body was starting to say- no. Mind you, she looks pretty fit. 

    I asked someone the other day about when they made the decision to retire and their response was - as soon as I started talking about it. Obviously her mindset has changed.

    Have you listened to the interview Tom Boyd did on Open Mike. Found it really interesting. The lad is in a happy place and I suppose one can't ask for more than that.

  • RIORIO    14,357 posts
    Yep, i've heard Tom talk about his situation and the best thing he could do i reckon. that pressure from a young age doesn't suit every one. Then you throw in early success and..... i can see where he is coming from.

    I may have been a VERY SMALL amount of harsh. I actually thought the season started before Xmas and was thinking it it was only a couple of weeks away. After i posted i went and read the fixtures that Paul put up and thought... Ohhhhhhh, they have probably only just started serious training and the body and mind has said........Not this year

    Still not good for the team to start this way with the captain bailing so early...IMO.. May change my mind and watch a quarter over the season.....hahaha
  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    2,155 posts
    As I understand it she actually made the decision some weeks back but the Club delayed the announcement as they attempted to have her reconsider.

    It is not always what it seems.

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