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NRL 2020

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The 2020 NRL fixtures were released this morning. 

(all times listed are local time) 

Round 1 (Mar 12-15) 
Eels v Bulldogs, Bankwest, Thu 8:05 
Raiders v Titans, GIO, Fri 6:00 
Cowboys v Broncos, Townsville, Fri 7:05 
Knights v Warriors, McDonald Jones, Sat 3:00 
Rabbitohs v Sharks, ANZ, Sat 5:30 
Panthers v Roosters, Panthers, Sat 7:35 
Sea Eagles v Storm, Lottoland, Sun 4:05 
Dragons v Tigers, WIN, Sun 6:15 

Round 2 (Mar 19-22) 
Bulldogs v Cowboys, ANZ, Thu 8:05 
Dragons v Panthers, Netstrata Jubilee, Fri 6:00 
Broncos v Rabbitohs, Suncorp, Fri 7:05 
Warriors v Raiders, Eden Park, Sat 5:00 NZ 
Roosters v Sea Eagles, Central Coast, Sat 5:30 
Sharks v Storm, Netstrata Jubilee, Sat 7:35 
Tigers v Knights, Leichhardt Oval, Sun 4:05 
Titans v Eels, Cbus Super, Sun 6:15 

Round 3 (Mar 26-29) 
Raiders v Dragons, GIO, Thu 8:05 
Sea Eagles v Warriors, Lottoland, Fri 6:00 
Rabbitohs v Roosters, ANZ, Fri 8:05 
Sharks v Knights, Netstrata Jubilee, Sat 3:00 
Storm v Panthers, AAMI Park, Sat 5:30 
Cowboys v Eels, Townsville, Sat 6:35 
Tigers v Bulldogs, Campbelltown, Sun 4:05 
Titans v Broncos, Cbus Super, Sun 6:15 

Round 4 (Apr 2-5) 
Storm v Rabbitohs, AAMI Park, Thu 8:05 
Knights v Cowboys, McDonald Jones, Fri 6:00 
Raiders v Sea Eagles, GIO, Fri 8:05 
Warriors v Tigers, Mt Smart, Sat 5:00 NZ 
Bulldogs v Sharks, ANZ, Sat 5:30 
Panthers v Broncos, Panthers, Sat 7:35 
Eels v Dragons, Bankwest, Sun 4:05 
Roosters v Titans, SCG, Sun 6:15 

Round 5 (Apr 9-13) 
Sea Eagles v Knights, Lottoland, Thu 7:50 
Rabbitohs v Bulldogs, ANZ, Fri 4:05 
Broncos v Cowboys, Suncorp, Fri 7:55 
Storm v Titans, AAMI Park, Sat 5:30 
Sharks v Roosters, Netstrata Jubilee, Sat 7:35 
Panthers v Raiders, Panthers, Sun 4:05 
Dragons v Warriors, WIN, Sun 6:15 
Tigers v Eels, Bankwest, Mon 4:05 

Round 6 (Apr 16-19) 
Cowboys v Storm, Townsville, Thu 7:50 
Sea Eagles v Titans, Lottoland, Fri 6:00 
Broncos v Sharks, Suncorp, Fri 7:55 
Raiders v Knights, McDonalds Park, Sat 3:00 
Warriors v Roosters, Mt Smart, Sat 7:30 NZ 
Bulldogs v Eels, ANZ, Sat 7:35 
Rabbitohs v Dragons, ANZ, Sun 2:05 
Panthers v Tigers, Panthers, Sun 4:05 

Round 7 (Apr 23-26) 
Sharks v Sea Eagles, Netstrata Jubilee, Thu 7:50 
Titans v Tigers, Cbus Super, Fri 6:00 
Eels v Broncos, TIO, Fri 7:25 NT 
Dragons v Roosters, SCG. Sat 4:00 
Cowboys v Bulldogs, Townsville, Sat 6:00 
Storm v Warriors, AAMI Park, Sat 8:00 
Raiders v Rabbitohs, GIO, Sun 2:05 
Knights v Panthers, McDonald Jones, Sun 4:05 

Round 8 (May 1-3)
Tigers v Sharks, Suncorp, Fri 6:00 
Sea Eagles v Broncos, Suncorp, Fri 8:05  
Rabbitohs v Knights, Suncorp, Sat 3:00 
Bulldogs v Raiders, Suncorp, Sat 5:30 
Roosters v Cowboys, Suncorp, Sat 7:45 
Warriors v Eels, Suncorp, Sun 1:50 
Storm v Dragons, Suncorp, Sun 4:05 
Titans v Panthers, Suncorp, Sun 6:25 

Round 9 (May 7-10) 
Rabbitohs v Broncos, ANZ, Thu 7:50 
Warriors v Bulldogs, Mt Smart, Fri 8:00 NZ 
Roosters v Storm, SCG, Fri 7:55 
Knights v Dragons, McDonald Jones, Sat 3:00 
Tigers v Raiders, Scully Park, Sat 5:30 
Cowboys v Titans, Townsville, Sat 7:35 
Panthers v Sharks, Carrington Park, Sun 2:05 
Sea Eagles v Eels, Lottoland, Sun 4:05 

Round 10 (May 14-17) 
Roosters v Knights, SCG, Thu 7:50 
Bulldogs v Sea Eagles, ANZ, Fri 6:00 
Broncos v Dragons, Suncorp, Fri 7:55 
Titans v Warriors, Cbus Super, Sat 3:00 
Sharks v Cowboys, Sunshine Coast, Sat 5:30 
Storm v Eels, AAMI Park, Sat 7:35 
Raiders v Panthers, GIO, Sun 2:05 
Tigers v Rabbitohs, Leichhardt Oval, Sun 4:05 

Round 11 (May 21-24) 
Broncos v Bulldogs, Suncorp, Thu 7:50 
Dragons v Titans, Netstrata Jubilee, Fri 6:00 
Cowboys v Rabbitohs, Townsville, Fri 7:55 
Warriors v Storm, Mt Smart, Sat 5:00 NZ 
Sea Eagles v Tigers, Central Coast, Sat 5:30 
Roosters v Raiders, HBF Park, Sat 5:35 WA 
Knights v Sharks, McDonald Jones, Sun 2:05 
Eels v Panthers, Bankwest, Sun 4:05 

Round 12 (May 28-31) 
Titans v Bulldogs, Cbus Super, Thu 7:50 
Eels v Cowboys, Bankwest, Fri 7:55 
Knights v Rabbitohs, McDonald Jones, Sat 7:35 
Dragons v Sea Eagles, WIN, Sun 4:05 

Round 13 (Jun 5-8) 
Warriors v Broncos, Mt Smart, Fri 8:00 NZ 
Sharks v Titans, Netstrata Jubilee, Fri 7:55 
Cowboys v Roosters, Townsville, Sat 3:00 
Rabbitohs v Sea Eagles, ANZ, Sat 5:30 
Storm v Raiders, AAMI Park, Sat 7:35 
Panthers v Knights, Panthers, Sun 2:05 
Eels v Tigers, Bankwest, Sun 4:05 
Bulldogs v Dragons, ANZ, Mon 4:05 

Round 14 (Jun 11-14) 
Roosters v Broncos, SCG, Thu 7:50 
Titans v Cowboys, Cbus Super, Fri 6:00 
Tigers v Panthers, Bankwest, Fri 7:55 
Sea Eagles v Bulldogs, Lottoland, Sat 3:00 
Knights v Storm, McDonald Jones, Sat 5:30 
Rabbitohs v Eels, ANZ, Sat 7:35 
Raiders v Warriors, GIO, Sun 2:05 
Dragons v Sharks, Netstrata Jubilee, Sun 4:05 

Round 15 (Jun 25-28) 
Tigers v Dragons, Bankwest, Thu 7:50 
Panthers v Sea Eagles, Panthers, Fri 6:00 
Broncos v Storm, Suncorp, Fri 7:55 
Warriors v Cowboys, Sky Stadium, Sat 5:00 NZ 
Bulldogs v Rabbitohs, ANZ, Sat 5:30 
Eels v Sharks, Bankwest, Sat 7:35 
Knights v Titans, McDonald Jones, Sun 2:05 
Raiders v Roosters, GIO, Sun 4:05 

Round 16 (Jul 2-5) 
Broncos v Panthers, Suncorp, Thu 7:50 
Storm v Tigers, AAMI Park, Fri 7:55 
Roosters v Warriors, SCG, Sat 7:35 
Sharks v Raiders, Netstrata Jubilee, Sun 4:05 

Round 17 (Jul 10-12) 
Sharks v Panthers, Netstrata Jubilee, Fri 6:00 
Bulldogs v Warriors, Bankwest, Fri 7:55 
Titans v Storm, Cbus Super, Sat 3:00 
Raiders v Broncos, GIO, Sat 5:30 
Rabbitohs v Tigers, Bankwest, Sat 7:35 
Roosters v Dragons, SCG, Sun 2:05 
Eels v Sea Eagles, Bankwest, Sun 4:05 
Cowboys v Knights, Townsville, Sun 6:15 

Round 18 (Jul 16-19) 
Panthers v Rabbitohs, Panthers, Thu 7:50 
Warriors v Titans, Mt Smart, Fri 8:00 NZ 
Tigers v Roosters, Bankwest, Fri 7:55 
Dragons v Cowboys, Netstrata Jubilee, Sat 3:00 
Raiders v Eels, GIO, Sat 5:30 
Bulldogs v Storm, HBF Park, Sat 5:35 WA 
Sea Eagles v Sharks, Lottoland, Sun 2:05 
Knights v Broncos, McDonald Jones, Sun 4:05 

Round 19 (Jul 23-26) 
Eels v Rabbitohs, Bankwest, Thu 7:50 
Panthers v Titans, Panthers, Fri 6:00 
Storm v Sharks, AAMI Park, Fri 7:55 
Roosters v Bulldogs, SCG, Sat 3:00 
Broncos v Warriors, Suncorp, Sat 5:30 
Cowboys v Sea Eagles, Townsville, Sat 7:35 
Dragons v Raiders, WIN, Sun 2:05 
Knights v Tigers, McDonald Jones, Sun 4:05 

Round 20 (Jul 30-Aug 2) 
Rabbitohs v Storm, Bankwest, Thu 7:50 
Warriors v Panthers, Mt Smart, Fri 8:00 NZ 
Broncos v Eels, Suncorp, Fri 7:55 
Titans v Dragons, Cbus Super, Sat 3:00 
Bulldogs v Knights, Bankwest, Sat 5:30 
Cowboys v Raiders, Townsville, Sat 7:35 
Sharks v Tigers, Netstrata Jubilee, Sun 2:05 
Sea Eagles v Roosters, Lottoland, Sun 4:05 

Round 21 (Aug 6-9) 
Storm v Cowboys, AAMI Park, Thu 7:50 
Sharks v Bulldogs, Netstrata Jubilee, Fri 6:00 
Panthers v Dragons, Panthers, Fri 7:55 
Titans v Rabbitohs, Cbus Super, Sat 3:00 
Eels v Roosters, Bankwest, Sat 5:30 
Sea Eagles v Raiders, Lottoland, Sat 7:35 
Warriors v Knights, Mt Smart, Sun 4:05 NZ 
Tigers v Broncos, Campbelltown, Sun 4:05 

Round 22 (Aug 13-16) 
Panthers v Cowboys, Panthers, Thu 7:50 
Roosters v Sharks, SCG, Fri 6:00 
Eels v Storm, Bankwest, Fri 7:55 
Rabbitohs v Warriors, Sunshine Coast, Sat 3:00 
Knights v Sea Eagles, McDonald Jones, Sat 5:30 
Dragons v Bulldogs, WIN, Sat 7:35 
Broncos v Titans, Suncorp, Sun 2:05 
Raiders v Tigers, GIO, Sun 4:05 

Round 23 (Aug 20-23) 
Cowboys v Sharks, Townsville, Thu 7:50 
Warriors v Sea Eagles, Mt Smart, Fri 8:00 NZ 
Storm v Roosters, AAMI Park, Fri 7:55 
Dragons v Eels, Netstrata Jubilee, Sat 3:00 
Rabbitohs v Raiders, Central Coast, Sat 5:30 
Broncos v Knights, Suncorp, Sat 7:35 
Tigers v Titans, Campbelltown, Sun 2:05 
Sea Eagles v Panthers, Lottoland, Sun 4:05 

Round 24 (Aug 27-30) 
Sharks v Dragons, Netstrata Jubilee, Thu 7:50 
Eels v Knights, Bankwest, Fri 6:00 
Roosters v Rabbitohs, SCG, Fri 7:55 
Bulldogs v Tigers, Bankwest, Sat 3:00 
Cowboys v Warriors, Townsville, Sat 5:30 
Storm v Broncos, AAMI Park, Sat 7:35 
Titans v Raiders, Cbus Super, Sun 2:05 
Sea Eagles v Panthers, Lottoland, Sun 4:05 

Round 25 (Sep 3-6) 
Dragons v Rabbitohs, WIN, Thu 7:50 
Tigers v Cowboys, Leichhardt Oval, Fri 6:00 
Broncos v Roosters, Suncorp, Fri 7:55 
Sharks v Warriors, Netstrata Jubilee, Sat 3:00 
Titans v Sea Eagles, Cbus Super, Sat 5:30 
Raiders v Storm, GIO, Sat 7:35 
Knights v Bulldogs, McDonald Jones, Sun 2:05 
Panthers v Eels, Panthers, Sun 4:05 
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