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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,536 posts
    edited October 2020
    Swamp or even armageddon etc where do you guys get your Info from :P
    Other than a sly on field piss didn't see a drop of moisture lmfao
    edited October 2020

    Wet conditions so you can put all your real estate on Richmond.

    Too easy. I just won 6 lego houses  ;))

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  • TiversTivers    7,585 posts

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    didn't see a drop of moisture 

    Well Geelong seemed to drown in the second half
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,536 posts
    Insipid after they led 35-20 early, basically went to water after halftime kicking 2.3 to the Tiges 9.7
  • Best team won, now to get the Storm home :)>-
  • PCPC    1,766 posts
    In 2010 the then new Richmond CEO Brendon Gale had a vision and when he was interviewed on Footy Classified, the targets by 2020 were:

    * 3 Premierships (have won 3)

    * 75,000 members (currently have 100,000+)

    * Debt free (now debt free and rolling in money)

    Non Richmond people laughed as they had done - laughed at Richmond for 37 years before the 2017 Premiership and they laughed at this vision by Brendon Gale. Well I wonder where all of those people are now? Whether you like Richmond or not, you do have to admire what they have achieved. The people who laughed are in complete silence..

    Yess... unbelievable! I can't believe it, I am just shocked. Here is a few things to consider: This is Richmond's 13th Premiership. Back-to-back Premierships for the first time since 1973-1974 and 3 Premierships in four years. Finally, one other thing - ladies and gentlemen...once again....its TIGER TIME......YELLOW AND BLACK!!! ????

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  • detonatordetonator    2,520 posts
    Yess.....I was one of those who laughed at Richmond for 37 years.
    Last game of 2016 Richmond got beat by Sydney to the tune of 19 goals after they only had 2 goals to three qtr time. 
    Hardwick was lucky to keep his job. Maybe Gale didn’t want to add to the humour of Richmond churning thru coaches like they had done for 37 years previously.
    Surround superstar Dusty with committed role playing team mates combined with a unique high pressure game style and you have managed to win 3 of the last 4.
    Love the way Brendon Gale has gone about his business. Reckon he will be the next CEO of the AFL.

  • TiversTivers    7,585 posts
    Should have been 4.
    Just choked in that PF 2018.
  • TiversTivers    7,585 posts
    Although to be fair - the one team we struggle against is Collingwood
  • VoodooVoodoo    930 posts
    Have to give credit where its due....Dusty was fortunate to stay after being rejected by other clubs when uncontracted a few years back....signed back with the tigers for a lot less than he may have got elsewhere. From that point on in his journey he matured into the leader he is today, repaying the club magnificently for the opportunity. 

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,536 posts
    He Is some player that's for sure, virtually unstoppable.

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  • PCPC    1,766 posts
    Nat Fyfe vs Patrick Dangerfield vs Dustin Martin in Finals

    **all stats are current as of 25th Oct 2020**

    Nat Fyfe

    Finals Games: 11

    Avge Possessions Per Finals Game: 24.73

    Avge Marks Per Finals Game: 4.36

    Avge Tackles Per Finals Game: 4.54

    Goals/Behinds Kicked in Finals Games: 7.3

    Goal Accuracy in Finals Games: 70.00%

    Avge Goals Kicked Per Finals Game: 0.63

    Patrick Dangerfield

    Finals Games: 20

    Avge Possessions Per Finals Game: 23.80

    Avge Marks Per Finals Game: 4.45

    Avge Tackles Per Finals Game: 3.55

    Goals/Behinds Kicked in Finals Games: 22.13

    Goal Accuracy in Finals Games: 62.85%

    Avge Goals Kicked Per Finals Game: 1.10

    Dustin Martin

    Finals Games: 15

    Average Possessions Per Finals Game: 22.46

    Average Marks Per Finals Game: 2.66

    Average Tackles Per Finals Game: 2.06

    Goals/Behinds Kicked in Finals Games: 26.11

    Goal Accuracy in Finals Games: 70.27%

    Average Goals Kicked Per Finals Game: 1.73
  • TiversTivers    7,585 posts
    Another way to put it............

    In Grand Finals, he averages 24 disposals, three goals, a premiership medal and a Norm Smith Medal.


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  • PCPC    1,766 posts
    AFL Era Premierships - Since 1990

    1990: Collingwood

    1991: Hawthorn

    1992: West Coast

    1993: Essendon

    1994: West Coast

    1995: Carlton

    1996: North Melbourne

    1997: Adelaide

    1998: Adelaide

    1999: North Melbourne

    2000: Essendon

    2001: Brisbane Lions

    2002: Brisbane Lions

    2003: Brisbane Lions

    2004: Port Adelaide

    2005: Sydney

    2006: West Coast

    2007: Geelong

    2008: Hawthorn

    2009: Geelong

    2010: Collingwood

    2011: Geelong

    2012: Sydney

    2013: Hawthorn

    2014: Hawthorn

    2015: Hawthorn

    2016: Western Bulldogs

    2017: Richmond

    2018: West Coast

    2019: Richmond

    2020: Richmond
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