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The Other Ascot Preview for 9/11/19 by TMP

West Australian Racing
I thought it was the 9th tomaorrow Falc. But I have made the same mistake and worse!

R/1 2yo races are interesting because of the new talent .
I find this one v v interesting because the topweight fave has a great proven record. But the bottom one has a super barrier trial and now has WP up.
I wanna be on the bottom one!

R/2 Here is an even lot of good middle distance horses.
I was attracted to Paradise Squair, but then saw has not won beyond 1400m.
Freo is an old fave of mine and with Chloe up I am interested. Esp after Chloe's super ride on Mankind last week; I think Jade was stunned when she saw Mankind poking his nose out on the line in front of the Baron (called talking through your pocket?).
Midnight sky always goes well fresh and those odds look good for an in form rider too.

R/3 Wrinkly was no chance on the wet last week. I am guessing track will be good tomorrow. So I have to stick.
Western Temple has always been a fave of mine. This campaign he seems so different; jumps smartly and really gets going in time; not like the past; but v v short.
Abdicator has done some real good things before and this would be a not unusual win if he did salute.

R/4 I will have to be on Mia Dolce because of the impeccable manners of the horse, the great consistancy and the new trainer. Any syndicates going  for a horse to be trained by him?
 Otherwise you can make a v good case for 1 and 6.

R/5 Another even 1000m race here; I like Driftstar off his really good and fast barrier trial win. I also would like to see a smaller trainer do good things when receiving a tried horse from a big stable. I am hoping the distance is too short for the fave; but the way they back it, there must b alot of petrol in the tank.

R/6 In the first leg of quad my main chances are 4,7 and 10 with 2 outsiders 12 and 13.
Forgotten Star was v painful for me 2 weeks ago; looked a certainty beaten to me (there is hat pocket again).
The fave looks... well smart. The wins have been great but they were at Kal (trainer however in best ever form).
You cannot leave out Sophies Song because the horse has real talent and the trianer in form too.
Theoutsiders have some chance; recharger because can go v fast up front; and Baramagic because of breeding of both horse and trainer.

R/7Great 3 yo race and you would think only nos. 1 and 2.
I love Smart Missiles. So why was I not on him last time? Because I thought the price was too long (another dopey comment).
Anyway, just to be ornery I will go with Dig Deep; he is sure looking for this distance.

R/8 The DM stable has the 2 best here in that Gatting is the proven star and TVK is the up and comer..
Even if Majinika crosse, one would thing Great Shot would be taking him on. TVK would have the sit again. Achenar Star should have a better run this time (was fastest sectional last time). Then of couse there are Arcadia Prince (has he improved even more ; price is sure shortish!) and the great Gatting ( the trainer tipped TVK; usually means stablemate will win!).

R/9 Mervyn. BTD and Carocapo all can go v fast early esp Mervyn.
Dance Music you would think would sit behind them. If you forget her bad back last time and think of the Placid Ark, you cannot leave her out.
Yes, as soon as I dropped of Unitime, up he got. In to the Q he goes.
The other chance is Black Sabbath with WP sticking; cannot be left out; with a drag up just behind the leaders he might well do the job.
An outsider who runs well fresh is Shady Grey.

Well that is it for another week. And right on queue, I am having the best potato chips I have cooked for ages; it is the potato that counts; a sort of pinky brown one; cut into chip sizes; cooked in microwave for 2.5 mins; then coated with gluten free bread crumbs and desk top oven until browning; stunning. That is my best tip for the day.

All the best ; and ask ROTS for his tips.

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,463 posts
    edited November 2019
    Hahaha sure piker, the best tip ever gave is the one about being "good to your mum." That's the wisest tip a man can give.

    However it's great that you and others jot down thoughts on the upcoming days racing. It's not whether they win or lose but about the discussion that generates from having a view and a go.

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,463 posts
    edited November 2019
    After going through the fields can only come up with a few, and their all well fancied in the betting so on a bit of a hiding to nothing tipping the fave's!

    Race 4. The impressive Massimo to win - and also having a bet on Warfish, can hit a bit of a flat spot the Fish, but then winds up again strongly. Hopefully one of those two guys can win.

    Later on will go Dig Deep a place.

    Then the lucky last - pretty obvious who'll be on here, that time of the day! Yep it's Uni Time! Gotta stick again on the 3 x 7 basis.

    Had them covered along way out first up, a model of consistency, yet to miss top 3, not over confident, but been a profitable horse to me. ( There's not many! ) So will go to the well once more.

    Good luck everybody.

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  • pikerpiker    404 posts
    How about Reykjavic at Flemington? It is a tough race but I think he is up to it.

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  • pikerpiker    404 posts
    Looking at R/2 again I can see Red Publisher is right in it.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,463 posts
    edited November 2019
    He'd want a nice cushy transit, box seated in the Hannans and ran third to the Railway Stakes favourite, so guess can make a case on that run, done little since, but do like the trainer. Leaving that race alone, but good luck to the Publisher.
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,134 posts
    Dig Deep goes back to set weights in the guineas. They won't beat him then onto the Kingston town
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,463 posts
    edited November 2019
    Good effort Dig Deep for sure, the mile of the Guineas and set weights, he'll keep on coming!

    How good Star Exhibit - stayer first up 1400 metres, small field...um could he...nah don't think so, he's won with a leg in the air, and wow short on tote compared to fixed.

    Trainer of Uni Time 10/10 for placement, hoop 10/10 for another great ride and to Uni Time, owe ya sugar cubes and carrots!

    Backed him on both totes for his ten starts in a row, and Bobs your uncle! Pays for some of the others that don't run so well!

    Ten runs - 100% place record and five wins - that's a good effort, they don't give 'em away.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,463 posts
    edited November 2019
    Star Exhibit was discussed today, "nope need the run" "wait until a further distance" and I agreed!

    But if there ready - there ready! Can recall Gatting although think was second up, likewise storming home to win at big odds. Class tells.

    Somebody or a few had a bit of a crack on the tote. Pretty sure 40/1 and maybe 50/1 available on fixed.

    Wonder what weight for Perth Cup if that's where he is going ? Three Perth Cups might beckon.
  • tonytony    1,952 posts
    WA tote shows 41 as the best offered.
  • RodentRodent    5,554 posts
    You could get 80's on betfair!
  • TheDivaTheDiva    12,433 posts
    Was always much shorter the tote throughout, which was interesting? $14 with a few minutes to jump but drifted to $21 late
  • GLAMOURGLAMOUR    486 posts
    Looks like as usual,going to be mediocre support from over East,looks like a local will take it out again,but nothing wrong with that,other years we have had the Peters camp dominating,but thisnyear i think we have a very even lot,we hafe up to 8-9 capable of taking it out.
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