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Early inspections for 2020 MM Sale Perth

DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,329 posts
As per last year, I'm going to start visiting Studs in December to see yearlings in the early stages of preparations for next year's sale. Is this something that other people think about doing? I make notes on each lot that I view, primarily to note changes when I see them again close to when they walk into the sales ring. One got under my guard last year, so this year I'm going to be more thorough.


  • GoddGodd    177 posts
    When is the catalogue out?
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,329 posts
    Spoke with David Houston this morning, although individual Studs have been informed this morning of what stock has made which day of the sale, the catalogue will not be published until after the Railway Stakes, to allow for pedigree upgrades resulting from our carnival. Most likely it will be online from the second week of December if not earlier.
  • TiversTivers    7,584 posts
    Best of luck with that
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,329 posts
    On line now
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,329 posts
    Starting Monday morning with three farms, all up I will see 55 yearlings.
  • ManchildManchild    270 posts
    Damien, are you going to the Gold Coast ?
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,329 posts
    edited December 2019
    Manchild said:

    Damien, are you going to the Gold Coast ?

    yes already booked for the entire week, got the book open in front of me now
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