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H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    7,682 posts
Surprised this one hasn't been mentioned. Trialled like a champion winning by 6 eased down when copping pressure the whole way.

Then came out on debut and absolutely walked in at 1.40. I reckon it could be anything. Apparently still does a bit wrong! 

Big follow here look forward to it in town.


  • jumjum    2,687 posts
    You beat me too it Bomber
  • TheDivaTheDiva    11,920 posts
    would say it has had issues too leading up to its maiden win (as a 4yo).
    I reckon they'll come straight to town now after that win. notice it was nominated for a midweek run this week, but didnt accept. 

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  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    7,682 posts
    I think it only knows one way, handle bars down!
  • TheDivaTheDiva    11,920 posts
    saturday 1100m graduation... BOOM!
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