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Shaun O'Donnell

West Australian Racing
Anyone have an update on his health?


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  • jumjum    2,687 posts
    Press the dislike button Slip and it removes the like

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  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    7,682 posts
    What's wrong with SOD?
  • thefalconthefalcon    16,175 posts
    where haave you been slip?
    injured bomber.
    jum said:

    Press the dislike button Slip and it removes the like

    Thanks Jum. I may have to save one for my own comment if my selections run poorly tomorrow.
    thefalcon said:

    where haave you been slip?
    Holidays Falcon including attending amongst others.... Santa Anita,Golden Gate & Turf Paradise

    Attempted to upload a photo but it was taking an eternity.

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  • (December 5 12:15PM )
    BobcatBobcat    81 posts
    Great interview this week on racing radio. Found big DVT’s in his ankle I think. Clot still not dissolving.
  • (December 5 03:24PM )
    Fluked a 2K win overall just picking names and jockeys.

    Ubered all the time in the USA but at Turf Paradise there were internet issues all day. Just when it looked like I would have to get a taxi to the airport costing a fortune a discussion with the track restaurant manageress resulted in her offering her wifi and password to ensure I could book Uber. To top it off she defiantly refused a finacial tip. She stated she was more than pleased to assist an Australian visitor. An American Gem.
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