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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,463 posts
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    One guy wrote in down the bottom..."I thought this was going to be a story about Beteasy' s prices."

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,463 posts
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    If @bookielover reads, could you please tell about the Great Bookie robbery again ? Two main things how much cash was actually taken, the figure above must have been calculated to today's worth. Also how meticulously planned was it ?

    Also is that correct nobody ever been charged ? One last thing - do you think any inside help!?

    As far as that 7k concerned, why would you leave it in a vulnerable position, despite the fact that all people who go to the races are impeccably honest :O)
  • bookieloverbookielover    2,274 posts
    Hi Riders,
    I don’t have time to answer your questions now but I’ll give you all the info about the robbery  on here on the weekend.
    By the way, my old man was robbed coming home from Bendigo races back in 1968. And we know who did it. More later.

  • TheDivaTheDiva    12,445 posts
    There was a theft of a phone off a bookies stand a few years back at Ascot. The bookie chased him down and gave him a couple of good uppercuts for his trouble. 
    From memory, the bookie got into a bit of trouble too... but I reckon that bloke was fair game. 
  • thefalconthefalcon    16,800 posts
    ^^ funny as hell to watch... :))
  • hashhash    6,974 posts
    It's all over the news if you google it or try find a link to the Underbelly series that featured it
    Chuck Bennett was the leader behind it all and the reports have been from 8 to 15 mill
    The 118 bookies whose money was taken claimed just $1.5 million had been stloen to try cover up their dodgy deals.... One bloke (not Chuck) was brought in on suspicion after he used notes that were traced to the robbery, but there wasn’t enough to convict him so to answer your question NO, no one was ever charged yet everyone knew who was behind it.
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    I recall a young bloke in the seventies stealing full sets (spare bundles) of Bookmakers' bookie board yellow card race names to assist with his form filing system.

    Looked very similar to this blue faced contributor  :\">

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  • bookieloverbookielover    2,274 posts
    Hi Riders,
    Along with Chuck Benett as hash points out, the Kane brothers were also involved. The Kanes all got killed in gangland wars.

    The bags were brought to the club by Mayne Nicholas Armagared service. I have no doubt that it was an inside job in that you needed to have an intimate knowledge of the place to get in there undetected. The inside man was never discovered.

    As far as the amounts taken.

    Bookies paid insurance on the amounts that they declared were in their bags. So they all understated those amounts.
    My old man declared 8,000 and that's what the insurance paid him, but he had more than that in there although not a lot more coz he'd had a bad day at the track, as did all the bookies.

    In cash the figures I heard at the club, I used to go to settling with dad, was about 5 million, not much more if anything, than that. That's about 35,000 per bookie on average. 

    What will never be known, is the value of the jewellery that bookies kept in their bags. 

    My mum wore hers, so hers didn't get knocked off. But plenty of others kept the wifes  jewellery in the bags as they didn't want to pay the high insurance premiums at the time.

    I know for a fact that one bookie had a 6 carat flawless diamond stolen, probably worth around half a million at the time and even more now.Others had diamond necklaces etc stolen. 
    That's the amount that will never be known.

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