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Lionel Lewis

East Coast Racing
Anyone old enough to recall Lionel Lewis, 6PR announcer and racecaller early 60's?

I remember one Saturday the bloke in the studio was late in crossing to the track for a race and Lionel gave him a full on bollocking on air.

Lionel once mentioned on radio that he recently fallen into the Swan River and was lucky enough to be dragged out by the balls. He then thanked Mr and Mrs Ball. 


  • thefalconthefalcon    17,818 posts
    lionel was one of my dads best mates, he and his wife, hazel dined at our place on many occasions.
    LL was a hopeless punter..dad reckons he had never seen a worse one.
    lionel used to do breakfast on I think 6PM...he was a trot caller, dunno if he did the gallops.

  • JayJayJayJay    6,341 posts
    I have got multiple black vinyl records of Lionel calling the trots....unique style. Worked for 6KY breakfast (amongst others) and did the trots, metro and country. "By joves, it's a bit chilly up here at Cunderdin tonight, my nobbies might well freeze up if it gets any colder. Anyway, lets have a look at the favourite ....there has been a sensational plunge on this one, falling out of trees to get on, backers of the Woodworth stable have dropped the rent on this one"....quoting off the record. Later on...."past the two furlong marker they go, Woody pumping away on this one, by joves, it's not much good is it, there goes the rent money as the rank outsider sweeps to the lead for Schrader, boilover of the century coming up" etc etc.....very rich on the hyperbole was old Lionel, his were very colourful calls. Good bloke, fantastic fundraiser, especially for East Fremantle Footy Club but also many other worthy causes. Good hearted bloke but yes, an absolutely diabolical punter.

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