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GP-14/2 Lewis Fillies & Mares Final

Harness & Greyhounds
Race 1- While They Pray
Race 2- Major Spoilt
Race 3- Naval Aviator
Race 4- Theo Aviator
Race 5- American Delight
Race 6- Ocean Ridge
Race 7- Jimmy Mack
Race 8- The Last Drop
Race 9- Gardys Legacy
Race 10- Fake News

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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    3,287 posts

    R1: While They Pray. No bet.

    R2: Searget Oats. Bet: Going to have something 1by4 on No10 Burning Rubber expecting him to strip fitter for his first up assignment.

    R3: Valbonne. The market seems to be showing the lead is likely to be there for Athababscan, should probably follow that in but the price is wrong for Valbonne. Yes they put it in for him last week but he did run away from some horses that had every chance to track him in to it but couldn't keep up. Provided he is put into it early enough he can win it.

    R4: Son Of A Tiger. I thought Atmospherical would want to sit first up so a nice soft lead for Son Of A Tiger, I will be backing him. The Dali Express was a great run last week but if Theo pushes through hard behind Son Of A Tiger where does he get to? Good race.

    R5: Thejewelinhereye. Getting wide here, just thought she could be close enough on the back of a decent tempo that she can just move into it at the top of the straight rather than having to take off early like she did last week.

    R6: Ocean Ridge. Bill Hayley is no doubt flying but I think sometimes the whole small field so the sit sprinter will be closer so therefore a better chance is a bit of a fallacy because they are likely to go slow early and fly home.

    R7: Always An Honour. Call Me Ernie has place bet written all over him.

    R8: The Last Drop. Might back Itsnotova 1by4 if i'm winning.

    R9: Gardys Legacy. I think he is a bet around the 1.70-75 mark.

    R10: Fake News. Hawk is on Hy Leexciting so look out! Surely that means they charge the arm?!?!? Fake News has to go on top but i'm backing two away from her, Hy Leexciting for its chance to lead but more so Crocodile Kid on the thinking it doesn't do a tap of work in the run and finishes all over the top of them. He would be the one horse I would say is worth having a few dollars on (not a lot) at the big odds to hope for some play money for the weekend.

    Good luck all. 

  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    1,715 posts
    I think the boat sailed with a tearinoureyes a couple of weeks ago Gilga ....I am prepared to consign her to the "oh well thats racing" file rather than get punch drunk waiting for suitable circumstances to line up again......it's over for me but but don't let that sway you   :-&  :D
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,277 posts
    With Melton washed out - i will have a few bets at GP 

    Many Joan in the fillies and mares - drops in grade - i like that scenario from a punting angle- wouldntmind it in the breeze actually - might just out grind them 

    In the 1st - the interesting runner say for a place is the 8 Carramar Arapaho - ex NSW Riverina pacer - raced in decent company country cups etc - its racing pattern is lead all the way - it has got brilliant gate speed - i reckon it could lead on its ear - even from 8 - however for some silly reason WA  drivers  at the 2100 metre start - who are drawn  5 or outside will not have a go at the start 
  • savethegamesavethegame    1,739 posts
    Just on emergencies  see where king of swing in Victoria had drawn bar 3.  when 1&2 came out he started from the bullet ---our emg's. don't draw a barrier  are just numbers13-14.Over the years the main reason if you scratched outside injuries would be because of gate 9     Don't think you can be a realistic chance.out there? So high chance the emg. can get the rough end of the pineapple twice.in one day just comparing the luck factor. with king of swing and the  mare  after lunch.  

    Thinking about it in tab land if the emg. were 2&3 and were scratched, suppose there would be a lot mistakes in the last 20 seconds,of betting punters more likehood to still mark  2&3 in novelties if they were emg's.and didn't make final field-------. then make a mistake with numbers 13 and 14 if they didn't get run------. lucks a fortune. Of cause phone and on line betting removes the error component.
  • Ivorytrunkey86Ivorytrunkey86    45 posts
    Peterson miscount the laps in the second?
  • paraleticparaletic    3,499 posts
    10/10 decampo. Catching lewis asleep at the wheel

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  • hashhash    6,856 posts
    $5.50 into equal $2.20 fav woweee nice tip @VillageKid

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  • sonnysonny    695 posts
    I think i will give the Bond camp the flick and bet against them.. After that dismal performance..
  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    1,955 posts
    paraletic said:

    10/10 decampo. Catching lewis asleep at the wheel

    De campo suspended for crossing but does not absolve Lewis for snoozing.

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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    1,715 posts
    edited February 15
    What a way to win The Lewis ......by catching The Lewis having a technical glitch  I-) ....think I have seen it happen twice to the maestro .....but might be waiting a while for it to happen again after that wake up call. Don't think De Campo could really believe he was about to pull it off and was a bit quick to shut the gate hence the interference. If you watch the replay Lewis gives Aiden a bit of a sideways stare when he crosses the line......that's as much of an acknowledgement as he will ever get for pulling down the pants of the champion  =D>
  • savethegamesavethegame    1,739 posts
    edited February 15
    Caught napping for sure--plus, remember the horse is a creature of habit, also there  ears  always tell the story whats going on here? ---ones with no fixed hoods ear muffs.                           
     Full infield of caravans---- Which in some cases can affects different horses   ability  to concentrate,which inadvertently affects there response time .watch its ears in the replay prior to it getting crossed it was concerned,------ once it gets crossed the distraction disappears

    . As  Brain Gath said in his driving video the leaders ears, a must watch in the run for other drivers if possible,can alert  to impending danger or to something that's not  quite right before it happens..

    ACL. probably picking a out campervan in the run...didn/t  help. also.

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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    1,715 posts
    edited February 15
    Good observation there STG ....the leading horse was distracted by the unusual infield for sure.

  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,277 posts
    I think the critical/fundamental mistake Lewis made - was he was going too slow in the lead - they were absolutely walking - on track to run about a 33 qtr i reckon - and thus invited the attack 

    If he was going 30 to 30.5 - he would have had enough momentum to keep that other horse out 

    Connections of that horse would be bitterly dissappointed though - 30k race - only had to keep the lead and would have won 

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