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The_BullThe_Bull    916 posts
edited May 2020 Breeding
This sale platform is gaining more relevance all the time. Yesterday's G1 Sangster Stakes winner BELLA VELLA was a $22500 purchase last year after being retired to stud and failing to get in foal. New connections decided to give her another go on the track and BAM! 6 wins and over $600k in purse.

I'm just hoping our couple of recent buys have an ounce of that sort of luck...  

[-O<  [-O<  [-O<


  • jumjum    3,459 posts
    Condor Heroes came from that sale as well Bull 11K and has won 66K from 2 starts. would have been 80K without covid 19 and the stakes drop.

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  • jumjum    3,459 posts
    Sorry bought for 7K, It was 11K to get him here and spell him for the first month.
  • The_BullThe_Bull    916 posts
    A great buy. Not meaning to be nosey, but $2k gets them here from Vic. That leaves $2k for a months agistment. Where did he spell, Crown Towers?

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  • jumjum    3,459 posts

    Apologies, I was wrong, Went back and had a look. It was 10K. Somehow I had 7K in my head.

    Can not fault the Gangemi racing operation. Everything is itemised and no hidden costs. As it should be with all stables, and we all know that is not the case.

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  • The_BullThe_Bull    916 posts
    I purchased Heaven's Gift from this sale platform from Bob Peter's for $6000. She had her 1st start today and pockets almost $18000 with westspeed.

    She is also now a winning daughter of Not a Single Doubt, and a full sister to a stakes winner (Final Salute - J C Roberts)

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  • TiversTivers    7,720 posts
    Good stuff.
    You're going better than this bloke - comment picked up from the Inglis media release last night.

    “We purchased
    Mogador from Godolphin a few years ago and we won our money back so we hope we
    have a similar result with The Driller.”

    Wow !
    If your philosophy is to (AT BEST) break even.............what chance do the economically diligent of us have in that market ?
  • The_BullThe_Bull    916 posts
    Heaven's Gift now 2 from 2 and $35k in stakes. Looking like $6k well spent.

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  • jumjum    3,459 posts
    Will win a lot more to mate on that performance :-bd
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,621 posts
    edited June 2020
    Surely will, bloody good horse mate because I was on for a chunk and didn't stop it :D..obviously helps when you have backed it but I LOVE watching Noske punching one out to the finish.

    Nice work Bull, you must be wrapped!
  • The_BullThe_Bull    916 posts
    I'm wrapped. Really enjoying the ride.

    Watching Jarrod in the last furlong is something to behold. Why does he not get a full book every meeting...

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,621 posts
    Agree 100% possibly still battles with his weight I'm guessing but is a top steerer.
  • VoodooVoodoo    1,181 posts
    Will get a distance too.... well done Bull.....
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,621 posts
    She has been nommed for the Oaks on Saturday.
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