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R7 looks like it could be set up for Lightning Jolt to run on, looks a hot early speed and he is going ok, 50/1 with Sportsbet, haven’t looked elsewhere except the usual unders early local. 

Could be way off the mark but I thought Overjoyed could cross the two horses inside it and be really hard to beat in the first. 

I’ll keep buttering up on Dominate The Dojo. 

Carramar Arapaho opened up terrific odds particularly the place with Sportsbet, should cross easy then I guess it’s a case of does the 1 get there to do a retake, would love it to hold the top, think it is going well enough to deserve its chance to do so. 

Hopefully I’ve found something through the first as whatever I have available is going on Alta Louisa, she will stand up to be counted here. 

Good luck all


  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    1,956 posts
    R1.   Mighty Ronaldo              Disco Demon                Carabao                     Lavra Joe
    R2.   Dracarys                         Dennis                          Qtown Rip Roaring    Valbonne
    R3.   Soho Thunderstruck       Kingslayer                     Dominate The Dojo   Sunrose Village
    R4.   Balcatherine                   Miracle Moose              Roll With Me              Whoswhointhezoo
    R5.   Alta Louisa                     Blockjorg                       Double Expresso       Star Fromthepalace
    R6.  Mr Kiwi                           The Bird Dance             Bolta                           Major Shard
    R7.  Marquisard                     Mister Bushido              Dreamy Nights           Mon Lillies
    R8.  Taroona Bromac            Wildwest                        Robbie Easton           Pradas Ideal Dahling
    R9.  Gotta Go Gabbana        Delightful Reaction        Parisian Party Girl     Just Rockin Bye
    R10.Chicago Bull                  Our Jimmy Johnstone   Vultan Twin                El Jacko

    Best Bet:              Alta Louisa
    1 x 3                    Miracle Moose
    Best Roughie      Sunrose Village

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  • VillageKidVillageKid    1,705 posts
    Race 1-   Mighty Ronaldo,  Talks Up A Storm,  Lavra Joe,  Disco Demon
    Race 2-   Dracarys,  Valbonne,  Tuas Delight,  Dennis
    Race 3-   Soho Thunderstruck,  Kingslayer,  Machlani,  Dominate The Dojo
    Race 4-   Balcatherine,  Miracle Moose,  Walsh,  Roll With Me
    Race 5-   Double Expresso,  Alta Louisa,  Star FromThePalace,  Blockjorg
    Race 6-   The Bird Dance,  Mr Kiwi,  Bolta,  Rum Delight
    Race 7-   Mister Bushido,  Our Perkins,  Marquisard,  Dreamy Nights
    Race 8-   Taroona Bromac,  Robbie Easton,  Talkerup,  Bee Seventeen
    Race 9-   DelightfulReaction,  Gotta Go Gabbana,  Parisian Partygirl,  Just Rockon Bye
    Race 10- Chicago Bull,  Our Jimmy Johnstone,  Vultan Tin,  Iceenothink
  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    1,715 posts
    A horse that has had absolutely no luck in running apart from its first start (which it won) and has been finishing right amongst its more fancied competitors nonetheless is Seeryanfly. It reminds me of Shockwave as a 2 y/o...going well but without much going right for it in most races. I think he is worth an e/w ticket on spec at value in the first 
  • ChrisChris    4,285 posts
    Great tip Gilga, not a cent on of course

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  • ChrisChris    4,285 posts
    Had Lightning thanks Gilg

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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    3,289 posts
    Started well, stopped in the middle, nice result at the back end. Felt like I left a bit out there last night, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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