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Ernie will win awards for this work...  b-(

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  • thefalconthefalcon    16,861 posts
    notice the EVER conservative ernie has not made one journalistic comment. all he has done is quote justin warwick verbatim.

    can you imagine what the melbourne rat pack of journos would do in a case like this.

    who are our racing men? ernie, jay rooney, and a newie, michael woodcock....aka "chipdick". what a gig that is!!

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    3,414 posts
    edited June 29
    What a sensationalized and ultimately lame headline too no need for it I reckon.
    Potting the previous jockey takes up half the content of the story when there are some interesting points he could have elaborated on, which have not been given enough coverage or significance..pisspoor effort Ernie.

    *I watched that race replay again earlier if that wasn't Ponty in full cry I dunno what is, just rated to perfection and punching him right out with authority, probably chuckling at Carbs trying to overrun him from a few lanes to his inside.I think he really liked getting this bloke over the line first on Saturday.

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  • ThepluckygamblerThepluckygambler    66 posts
    Ernie Probably came out of Perth Modern school did he ?
  • JimmyPopJimmyPop    115 posts
    I reckon CJP wouldn't have opened his mouth but still would have been quoted. Ernie has a habit of quoting when the actual subject matter say nothing.
    Poor promotion of WA racing. Well done Ernie.

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  • TheDivaTheDiva    12,496 posts
    its just all round pathetic journalism..... 
  • NevershowsurpriseNevershowsurprise    821 posts
    He was irrelevant 20 years ago
  • TheDivaTheDiva    12,496 posts
    Anyone read the modesty blaise cartoon they ran today in the West? Those blokes are on a death wish... 


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  • detonatordetonator    2,225 posts
    Speaking of CJP, see Wednesday he is riding for Durrant. No sign of Pike ???

  • FlandersFlanders    619 posts
    In relation to the actual content of the article, if this is what Justin Warwick said I reckon it was extremely poor form on his part.
    Just last Wednesday I heard him interviewed on TabRadio and I was really impressed how he elected to not discuss the change of stable. Seemed like he wanted to but chose not to. I thought to myself that it was very professional and good on him for taking that line. Fast forward a few days and he comes out with this.... whatever positive there was last week went straight out the window.
  • Precision1Precision1    107 posts
    TheDiva said:

    Anyone read the modesty blaise cartoon they ran today in the West? Those blokes are on a death wish... 

    I just read the apology on their site so was wondering what it was in relation to.  Offensive these days no doubt but obviously at the time it was written it was not considered as such to be printed.  On this instance I’m probably on the side of banning this cartoon but they’re banning everything it’s such a slippery slope.  
  • Buddy123Buddy123    34 posts
    Interesting to pot the jockey instead of the trainer..
    Material Man always been on pace horse..thought the ride in Hyperion was solid..first time Pontiff ever ridden him!! Get up him CJP..
  • paraleticparaletic    3,595 posts
    That’s the story you write when you have absolutely nothing to write at all. Add to that no credibility and no ability.

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  • thefalconthefalcon    16,861 posts
    re modesty...if they had called the guy an aborigine instead of an abo all would be good.
    we could take offence being called aussies instead of australians.
    its a strange strange world we live in master jack..oops sorry "Master Jonathon".

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  • thefalconthefalcon    16,861 posts
    heard ernie say on that tipping show on curtin radio....nothing tipped over $2..easy at the trots but he's buggered at the races...where he tips nothing but pike.
    anyway, he stated he has not had a bet in 50 years...90% of you guys weren't born.. but i was...
    :> :!!
  • ThepluckygamblerThepluckygambler    66 posts
    How anyone can work in the racing game and not punt has me puzzled. If people want to know why all these elder statesman in Western Australia hold their positions for so long just look at who belongs to a lodge. I’m sure Ernie knows the Harvey Masonic lodge well.

    Anyway I digress. The article is laughable and there is no real journalism left. Ernie isn’t on his Pat Malone that’s for sure.

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  • RodentRodent    5,616 posts
    Perhaps Justin Warwick is just selling the line that MM was slaughtered last start so the MASSIVE improvement is downplayed.
     Amazing turnaround in 2 weeks. JTW obviously knows what to do to get MM to run fast.

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  • sonnysonny    715 posts
    Harness trainers do......

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  • FlandersFlanders    619 posts
    Rodent said:

    Perhaps Justin Warwick is just selling the line that MM was slaughtered last start so the MASSIVE improvement is downplayed.

     Amazing turnaround in 2 weeks. JTW obviously knows what to do to get MM to run fast.

    My thoughts exactly
  • savethegamesavethegame    1,807 posts
    Ex-Trotting Trainers -----can make a letterbox move.
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,353 posts
    What an over reaction - what did Ernie do wrong - he reported what a trainer said 

    I can remember the late Jack Denham ( who was a very astute trainer ) - Jim Cassidy  rode one of his horses in a big race - and after the race Jack ( who normally didnt say much at all  ) said Cassidy slaughtered my horse - he butchered it - well guess what  - those headlines were all over the back pages of the Syd Telegraph and SMH - racing journalists just doing their job 

    I can also remember the late Geoff Murphy - the blast - the absolute spray ( it was a ripper ) he gave in the mounting yard to JJ Miller after the running of i think the WA Derby . It was an absolute beauty - arms waving in the wind - to Millers credit - he stood their and copped it

    Racing ( all codes ) - used to have a bit of drama  - a bit of excitement - nowadays its so dull - bland - colourless

    Mick Dittman ( champion jockey ) when he was no 1 rider for TJ - in big races - at the half  mile - he use to yell out to the other jockeys  " im still in the race boys  - im still in the race " - tremendous gamesmanship 

    Racing use to be great - where as today it is so f/n dull
  • TheDivaTheDiva    12,496 posts
    that is not worthy of reporting. 
    if we reported every time a trainer gave a jockey a spray, you'd have a whole newspaper of its own. 

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  • therealkramertherealkramer    7,655 posts
    Rodent said:

     Amazing turnaround in 2 weeks. JTW obviously knows what to do to get MM to run fast.
    Lucy's probably been singing to him  :-\" :-?
  • hashhash    6,998 posts
    I wonder if Lucy will get back on the horse once she returns from injury
  • thefalconthefalcon    16,861 posts
    while the horse holds form there is little chance of getting PJH off.  i'm sure the warwicks would be in agreeance..
  • spinkingspinking    2,770 posts
    Don’t think that will be the case at all Falc. If she had of been fit to ride I think she would have been on. And think if she is fit going forward she will be back on
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