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Richmond Raceway

Harness & Greyhounds
Long gone, fondly remembered and terrific to see this tribute to some great names from the past being unveiled this Saturday:

On Saturday 1 August 2020 (Horse’s Birthday) the Town of East Fremantle will unveil newly commissioned public art at the two remaining Richmond Raceway Trotting Booths… the horses featured on the 10 window panels are:

·         Dainty’s Daughter - Trainer-Driver: Bernie Cushing

·         Mount Eden - Trainer-Driver: Jack Miles

·         Pure Steel - Trainer: Russell Roberts / Driver: Mark Roberts

·         Royal Force - Trainer: George Kennett / Driver: Dudley Anderson

·         San Simeon - Owner: Lyall Porter / Trainer-Driver: Lou Austin

·         Sylvia Mint - Trainer: Bill Johnson / Driver: Max Johnson

·         Bay Patch - Owner: G Martin / Trainer-Driver: Alby Boag

·         Speedy Cheval - Trainer: Ross Olivieri / Driver: Phil Coulson

·         Westgrove Boy - Trainer: Harry Schrader / Driver: Jim Schrader

·         Village Kid - Trainer: Bill Horn / Driver: Chris Lewis


  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,887 posts
    Thats great to see

    Not being a Fremantle person - but i thought the track was in a nice part of Fremantle - East Freo - i can often  remember parking my car in one of those lovely  tree lined streets - allways a pleasant walk to the track 

    Where as South Fremantle i just thought was plain and rough 

    I can remember getting 2 tyre punctures driving through Freo - so it wasnt my most favourite spot 

    Bond did a great job doing Fremantle up ( after he won the Americas cup ) because boy was it a dump beforehand 

    But very nice of the Fremantle Council to remember their history 

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  • JayJayJayJay    6,654 posts
    Excellent but the bird has long flown the coop. RR closed down nearly 30 years ago, I'm guessing the occupiers of the myriad of postage stamp blocks that now constitute Richmond Park would probably regard the old turnstyles as an ugly eye sore. I score a 7 out of 10 for the having seen the horses commemorated, possibly an 8, not sure on Sylvia Mint, I certainly heard Lionel calling her on radio but not sure whether I saw her in the flesh. Would like to have seen curator/trainer Norm Crossman and Yerilla Court commemorated as he actually resided on course.
  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    2,147 posts
    That's not a bad situation to be in JJ

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