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RodentRodent    5,745 posts
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She deserves her own thread.
  From the thread on 1/8/20 I wrote:
Any thoughts on Clairvoyance going 6 lengths faster than Floyd? Times say that Clairvoyance would have been 4 lengths in front of Mervyn at the 600m mark (Mervyn was 2 lengths clear of the open company sprinters at that point).
At a very rough approximation, Floyd only runs the last 200m 1.25L faster than Clairvoyance. Floyd only carried 1 kg more than the filly! At WFA Floyd would have given the filly around 9kg!
So do connections target the Winterbottom or The Everest?
I reckon win everything and then switch to dirt and win a Breeders Cup on dirt. She looks to my eye like she'd go even better on dirt.
This is kind of tongue in cheek but also not. While she is on this massive improvement curve you couldn't dismiss anything. With zero improvement from here in, she'd still have a very good career. Everything we know says there should be a lot of improvement and that is scary.
Good luck to connections. Enjoy the ride.
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  • ChrisChris    4,483 posts
    Your proposed schedule looks to be shortening in the market
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  • detonatordetonator    2,335 posts

    If you owned her you would switch her straight away and put her with the Hawkes or Snowden teams in the east.

    No disrespect to the trainer who I’m a fan of and is more then capable but it’s important to strike while the irons hot. 90 % of the big guns her age are males and there’s some nice filly races in the spring.

    The Perth carnival is like sending North Pacific to Brisbane.

    Sending Arcadia Queen and Enticing Star to Chris Waller sounded like a good idea too.
    If I was Mcauliffe I would be going along for the ride anywhere.

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  • Precision1Precision1    150 posts
    Silence from Tivers  is deafening I think here.  He has been on this site on multiple occasions saying if you get the large offer you have to sell and Impressive racing have done that as recently as Talladega.  Why are they now rejecting these huge offers?

    I get Mares are worth more than geldings with the ability to sell post racing but I think they have an opinion of this one like they’ve never had before........exciting 

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  • spinkingspinking    2,923 posts
    I heard DM say he is a major shareholder or something to that effect and wants to retain her for breeding purposes. I don't thin her mother is no longer with us and that's the reason behind keeping her. Only what I have heard may be completely wrong
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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,139 posts
    Its a no brainer then, keep this potential star and ride the wave.
    She is already getting airplay on Racing.com i like that they rate our good horses..and rather highly too.

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  • TiversTivers    7,554 posts
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    What would you like to know ?

    The mare - yes, we purchased her in foal (we buy multiple mares from east each year to boost / refresh our broodmare band). Has been a VERY successful strategy.
    Unfortunately we weren't able to get her in foal again thereafter, so gave her away as a hack.
    Don't be surprised if she reappears on the breeding circuit again this season though......

    Talladega - besides being a gelding (no residual), he was a rising 4yo so had missed all those big age based racing / money accumulating opportunities - eg Guineas, Derby and all the others inbetween,
    HK Derby is a 4yo race, so that's why they were so keen to get him. (That's their big prestige race).
    To realise even just what we received for him he would have had to win the Railway twice (to only match that).
    Also in hindsight, we "gave him away". Subsequent offers (ie between signing contract and completion) extended to $2m+. (I'm also privy to offers that were made on some other similar horses at the same time - wayyyyyyy more than that again).
    Also at the time of selling him we were just entering pandemic / lockdown, so for all we knew racing could have been cancelled for the next year or two and hence 1) he would have been worthless, and 2) we would have needed the cash to survive.
    We also had a majority of owners who emphatically wanted to take the cash. Saved more than one business / house (per above - we were entering lockdown). Hindsight again, it wasn't required..........but the crystal ball was on the blink that week.
    Still no regrets there that we sold him - only if anything that we didn't hold off for the higher offers.

    Clairvoyance - so alternate to the above..........she is a year younger, offers haven't reached anywhere near the offers we received for Talladega, and she has residual value yes (so you're selling 2 for 1 really).
    Not only for her racing record and / or pedigree, but on type - breeders will salivate over her come the time........(if she's worth those sort of $ come the day as a broodmare, we will not be breeding from her no - she will be sold).
    The massive offers won't come for her as the really "stupid" money only comes from HK, and they don't buy fillies.
    From a company viewpoint, we own 40% of her so on $1.5m offer that's $600k in hand, less tax = $440k. Then there's 4 owners of the company, so we're talking $100k and change each after tax. I don't believe any of the other owners are keen to sell, but now I've raised that maybe I'll check ;)

    And that's pretty much all there is to it - I don't think anyone could disagree.
    Even those making the offers have agreed as such, but as stated above there just isn't the HK sort of money in the Aus market so it's not so much a matter of "she isn't for sale" as she just won't get sold (at this point / level).
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,247 posts
    great summary, tivers..... =D>
  • ChrisChris    4,483 posts
    Just getting an offer would be enough for me :-j
  • RodentRodent    5,745 posts
    My thread was first  >:P     :D
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