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  • paraleticparaletic    3,750 posts
    They are really bending over and touching their toes for all the lefties and greenies over there

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  • TheDivaTheDiva    12,620 posts
    Its Victoria  8-}

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  • Ffs the whips these days are like feather dusters be alot of lazy ones retired

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  • thefalconthefalcon    18,336 posts
    ^^ exactly, like those plastic fly swats our grannies use to have.
    the horses will soon wise up...no whips, bugger it.....

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  • Precision1Precision1    307 posts
    The Stewards around Aus have something to answer for in this.  If they say a horse that’s been struck 10 times over the limit and wins by a nose can’t have the race taken from them they are literally saying the whip makes no difference to performance.  Then if that’s the case why do they use it?  It’s hipocracy of the highest order and literally advocates the banning of the whip...........

  • licklick    254 posts
    When does some "body/organisation" say "no, we are not changing, our current whip rules are adequate and do not harm the horse". 

    Please do not let us end up a no-whip sport.

    A stance will not alter betting behaviour, the horse is better looked after than ever.

    That's my opinion ladies and gentlemen, sorry, guys, sorry, husbands and wives, sorry, wives and girlfriends, sorry, folks, sorry lgbtquityxluyt genders, sorry 

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  • TheDivaTheDiva    12,620 posts
    edited September 2020

    Race 4. Jockey C Parnham (LEADING GIRL): $250 - AR132(7)(a)(ii) for using his whip on two additional occasions than permitted prior to the 100m. In assessing penalty Stewards took into consideration Mr Parnham’s excellent record under this Rule, the totality of his whip use and that he had won the event.

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    edited September 2020
    Parnham got away with a miniscule fine. His excellent record and the fact he won the race makes no difference. $250 is stuff all compared to his winning fee and sling.

    In addition... How does Porter get off punishment free in the last at Belmont on Wednesday when he should have lost the race for excessive whip use.

  • spinkingspinking    3,262 posts
    Bob sling you sure Slipper.?
    :D Fair enough Spinking.

    Just watched Fine Cotton AKA Bold Personality winning in 1984. Long before whip reform apprentice jockey Gus Philpott struck it about 32 times in the last 200 metres
  • FlandersFlanders    937 posts
    Watched the Northerly Stakes replay and both Mitch Pateman on the winner and Clint J-P on 3rd horse both clearly got stuck in before the 100m mark, whipping consecutively also but not a whimper in the stewards report.
    There were two other fines dished out on the day for far less obvious breaches. Inconsistent policing.
  • JimmyPopJimmyPop    185 posts
    Stewards, Australia wide, have failed this rule in such a miserable manner.
    If they had dealt with it initially then there would be a lesser problem than what there is now.
    Unfortunately we now get stewards reports, Australia wide, whereby the stewards fail to report indiscretions. They deserve a good kick up the ****.

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  • spinkingspinking    3,262 posts
    Didn't miss Fred in the derby yesterday. Any other day its most probably a grand. Not on derby day
  • Does the whip rule vary between backhand and forehand whip action. I think it used to
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