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  • therealkramertherealkramer    7,657 posts
    So now I have to subscribe to this fruit loop to read his crap? 8-} =;

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    3,416 posts
    Struggling for a buck no doubt.

    I havent read the article but i watched that race and didnt see anything untoward really? 1100 @ doomben, 61kgs and drew sticky i think unders at 1.70...probably wound it out to reel in some victims.

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  • tonytony    1,965 posts
    He expects people to pay $200 per year to read his carry on. Got to be joking
    edited September 16

     I havent read the article but i watched that race and didnt see anything untoward really? 1100 @ doomben, 61kgs and drew sticky i think unders at 1.70...probably wound it out to reel in some victims.

    Trainer Vandyke had about a 50% win strike rate..Unrealistic. On Saturday the QTF sent three burly representatives to his stables to observe all activities from dawn until race time and including following horse floats to the tracks for obvious reasons. 

    Vandyck had six starters including Alligator who he already has an interesting history with. None of Vandyck's runners won and Alligator drifted alarmingly and despite being unbeaten at previous first up starts  was also convincingly beaten.
  • (September 17 02:33AM )
    therealkramertherealkramer    7,657 posts
    edited September 17
    That's a lot of muckraking and not a lot of substance to what are essentially veiled allegations. 

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  • (September 17 09:16AM )
    edited September 17
    Did you read the article Kramer? He seemed to back it up as he does on most reports.

    No one on here seems to believe anything PP reports. Perhaps you believe the $200 fee is a contribution for future legal fees but I don't see a throng of people suing his butt after articles are written about them. 

  • (September 17 10:15AM )
    therealkramertherealkramer    7,657 posts
    No. I sure didn't. You're actually admitting to being fleeced by this bloke? Oh dear L-)
  • (September 17 10:56AM )
    edited September 17
    Kramer judged on that observation you make a very poor prosecutor. I have not paid for a subscription but did read the article the day before the switch to payment only. As much as I found his articles interesting reading my money would be better spent on interesting and informative reading @ The Spectator Magazine... Currently  getting great value with a three months free subscription. Thanks Rowan.

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  • (September 17 11:19AM )
    therealkramertherealkramer    7,657 posts
    I'm not the one doing the prosecuting or persecuting here. And as for the subscriber-only content,  It was YOU that posted the link with the paywall-so you know damn well no one other than yourself read that rubbish....a glance at the replies in the thread would've told you that. 
  • (September 18 12:17AM )
    Kramer I have already stated that I posted the link when the content could still be viewed for free and the day before before PP switched to subscription. Obviously I posted with the belief anyone could view at anytime and unaware that time was running out....So to speak.
  • (September 18 01:07AM )
    therealkramertherealkramer    7,657 posts
    It's absolutely irrelevant and still doesn't change the fact that the subject matter of this thread is little more than gossip. If that's your thing, then I guess you grew up hiding copies of Women's Day & New Idea under your mattress?  8-}
  • (September 18 02:30AM )
    Your response is childish.  :-*
  • (September 18 02:56AM )
    therealkramertherealkramer    7,657 posts
    Well if you wanna argue about facts and evidence, how about producing some? Until then, this tripe will get the response it deserves.
  • (September 18 04:04AM )
    Obviously I can't produce the original article as it wouldn't be worth the $200.

    Some additional gossip then.....The current free bit from PP 

    Poor old David Vandyke. Nothing has gone right for him since the QRIC team bowled up at his stables for a surprise visit early last week, and his wretched run of misfortune continued yesterday at Eagle Farm when a couple of second placings and a curious late scratching stretched his losing streak to eight 
  • (September 18 05:03AM )
    therealkramertherealkramer    7,657 posts
    edited 7:04AM
    You're a little slow on the uptake. The stable investigation does not imply there is a causational relationship with the subsequent race day results. The 'author' of this fiction dances around legal issues by presenting the facts in sequence and allowing suspicious minds to join the dots. There may have been a full moon last Saturday for all I know-does that mean it's to blame for the run of outs? 

    As for Alligator Blood-I backed it. I was prepared to accept the odds and I don't think the horse could have come home his last 600m much quicker than he did(33.22sec). Implying the positive swab for Altrenogest after the MM somehow taints all the horse's runs is just plain stupid. 
  • (September 18 05:19AM )
    The header for this thread does end with a question mark inviting opinion and you certainly have  stated yours though I would have have been interested in your comments had you read the detailed article even though it wouldn't change your opinion on PP in general. I'll leave the discussion with you there Kramer.
  • (September 18 06:03AM )
    therealkramertherealkramer    7,657 posts
    I've commented on his stuff previously and made the same point you have about the lack of legal action pending but it's become increasingly clear he's an agenda driven idiot with a chip on his shoulder. This latest rubbish wasn't worth repeating and as the article is now hidden behind a paywall, the title does all the damage.
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