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A gift from Ted Van Heemst for Christmas

West Australian Racing
The man with a heart of... well... a heart... has done it again.

Mr. Van Heemst is very proud to introduce his range of Adult Toys for the Horse Racing Industry just in time for Christmas 2020.

Each product has been named and themed after some of his greatest achievements while serving as WATC chairman. These include:
  1. The Perth Cup stiff Dildo
  2. The Sticking it to the members Douche
  3. The Belmont Park ****-up **** Ring
  4. And his favorite: The Golden River Golden Showers Kit
During a recent interview, Mr. Heemst said with great delight that he just wanted to "**** the industry one last time".
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  • JockeysroomJockeysroom    15 posts
    The black type races that are named in honour of great horses and the most respected Stalwarts of their respected era and then there’s the race referred to by participants as the Turd Van Haemorrhoids Stakes
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,247 posts
    and its usually years after their departure from office...i bet the dutchman teed it up before he p*ssed off..... >:P
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