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Jericho Cup replaces WA Cup

West Australian Racing
NgawyniNgawyni    542 posts
edited November 2020 West Australian Racing
Can't believe the WA Cup (3200m) is being replaced by a 66+ handicap over 3100m at Albany which is a qualifier for a $304,000 race (the Jericho Cup) at Warrnambool over 4600m.

This years WA Cup won by Spiritual Warrior was an 89+ listed race.  The year before Capo D'Oro beat Come Play With Me. 

The argument against distance races in Perth has always been the lack of stayers. How many do they think can run 4600m? I can't see too many taking that invitation up.

This is not a shot at Albany. I'm all for having feature races there and the tie in with the Anzac celebrations is a good initiative. 

This year's Jericho Cup was won by Ablaze carrying 70kg.

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,247 posts
    jeez, who's the ringmaster in this circus....? what a bunch of absolute no hopers, who else would employ them? i'll tell ya...nobody in their right mind...they'd pharque up a wet dream..fair dinkum...

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  • ChrisChris    4,483 posts
    What an initiative  =))
  • paraleticparaletic    3,697 posts
    Go to the bool to run on a heavy 20. Thanks but no thanks.

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  • tonytony    2,028 posts
    Not normally that bad in December para
  • ChrisChris    4,483 posts
    edited November 2020
    Just think this time next year we will be cheering on a West Aussie =))
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