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West Australian Racing
SKIDSSKIDS    924 posts
edited November 2020 West Australian Racing
Now in it's 5th year, the first heat kicks off in Geraldton today.

My old mate JR has the favourite, Cool Serenity. Been a bit on her already, $4 in to $2.75 on the TAB fixed.

Can anyone explain how the weights are allocated in this, I'm totally baffled?

Cool Serenity (6m) 20 - 6,2,3 - Rating 69, Prize money = $77k ..... 60.5kg

Startthefriar (6g) 25 - 6,1,3 - Rating 70, Prize money = $90k ..........60.5kg

So, a mare, same age, almost identical record, gets the same as a gelding?

Arabian Riches, a gelding, with the same rating (69) gets 2.5kg less than the mare?
Master Splinter, a gelding, with a higher rating (70)  gets 2.5kg less than the mare?



  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,139 posts
    Looked On CRIS and viewing the field list the topweights are both listed with a country rating of c73 not 69 and 70? and the other two are c68 which explains why the latter have 2.5 less.
    As for the mare vs gelding weight differential I'm unsure if there is a discount applicable in that class of race.

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  • SKIDSSKIDS    924 posts
    Cheers Thunder, I didn't see the country ratings.

    Gee she's been crunched in to $2.35 now.

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