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Adam Treloar

detonatordetonator    2,507 posts
A lot has been said about Collingwood handling of Treloar in the last couple of weeks and a lot of “spin” coming out of the club.
Their recruiting bloke made a statement that if Treloar’s wife hadn’t accepted a netbal gig in Qld then they wouldn’t have considered moving Treloar on.
Collingwood obviously had to make room in their cap (hence the fire sale).
Treloar has fought his depression demons albeit not as intense as others. So to have his wife and new born living in another state for a year and Treloar having limited time to see them I reckon Collingwood could see this being an issue.
He is a good player but is he irreplaceable ?  I think not.
But in 2020 you can’t be seen to be unsympathetic to an employees mental state and all the baggage that comes with it.
So when those issues come to the surface with Treloar wearing blue, red and white, I wonder if  all those pies supporters who are currently up at arms at the club will put their hand up and swallow humble pie. Collingwood ??? humble pie ??? I think not.
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  • SKIDSSKIDS    953 posts
    Pretty shabby handling of the trades by the club, but hey, it's a business and players have and will get traded in some messy deals.

    Replaceable? Most definitely! Plenty of us were sick and tired of watching Adam butcher the ball over and over. We have some rising talent that can fill his place in the middle and even the use of Elliot in the guts proved a good move. Treloars hamstrings are another issue.

    The uproar from some is strange. They're probably the one's who get all uptight when we don't do any trades... can't please everyone.
    Clubs can trade players like fans can trade footy cards.

    We have a fair few spots to fill after the draft, so I wonder if there's any free agents in the sights, time will tell.

    The Pies had to do something if we want to advance toward a flag. The best way to predict the future is to create it.

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