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Think it very appropriate to offer thanks to the people who operate/moderate/fund this site. In my view, it is quite unique and has a pretty good feel about it...mostly haha.

I don't know who or how it all works but it gives us crusty old (and not so old) souls rusted on to their particular codes an unprecedented opportunity to put forward their thoughts, proposals, praise, criticism and reminisces. It is terrific to hear the thoughts of others, generally in a very respectful way, often with a bit of well aimed banter and often humorous digs at each other.

On a serious note, it probably provides administrators with either a laugh, a frown or a few ideas about the "temperature" of the electorate as they doubtless read what is put up here, not for any clandestine reason I would hope, so long as they realise it is not personal and that it represents the thoughts of people who only wish their industry code to prosper. To all the "clockwork" tipsters who put their reps on the line each week, brilliant work.....It is a task to analyze every race and they do it every week.

Doubtless, the New Year will see us all pushing our prospective barrows for better or for worse and hopefully, everyone can find an elusive winner of two. Good luck to everyone.


  • sonnysonny    766 posts
    Hi JJ, For a crusty old soul you are very eloquent .Merry Christmas... Let us all listen to one out one back and maybe the powers that be will hear the voices of the participants...

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