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West Australian Racing


  • spinkingspinking    2,930 posts
    I met the great man once. When he brought what I reckon would have been his last horse to WA. See who is the first to come up with its name?
  • bookieloverbookielover    2,312 posts
    STG, I'm from Melbourne.,and we were never involved in W.A. racing.

    I was doing some business in Perth in 1989 and went to the races, and trots and cannington and Mandurah, which I why I have fond memories of meeting some really nice blokes among the bookie ranks in Lucky Khalaf always wanting to have a chat because he knew a few Melbourne bookies quite well, and in particular Bob Howatt.

    Poor Bob, never smoked a day in his life and passed away from lung cancer. What an absolute gentleman.

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  • spinkingspinking    2,930 posts
    Pretty handy footballer in his day to boot Bookie

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  • bookieloverbookielover    2,312 posts
    Markovina,  yes, he was an unusual man, however, yet another who was merciless when it came to the racing game. What he did to his own flesh and blood says it all. When his biography came out, he wrote glowingly about Pat, as he should have.

    A lot of those big trainers at the time were merciless. Colin Hayes was nick named sugar lips. Everything that came out of his mouth was sweet, but you couldn't trust any of it.

    George Hanlon, tight as a fishes posterior,and not a big communicator.

    Robert Smerdon, very personable, trained some horses for me, declared one one day and it shIte in. The horse wasn't much good so I reckon it's fair to say that that which he was doing when he got caught wasn't the first time he'd done it.

    Angus Armanasco. My father in law bought a property off him. That was an interesting experience. Great trainer, They usually saluted when he said they would. 

    A more recent one, well in the last 20 years, anyway, Rick Hore Lacey. Big punter. Had $10,000 on Redoubts Choice  in the 1999 Blue Diamond with, as I recollect it, Alan Cleary a rails  bookie at the time.He was a very unusual man, who had an amazing run with some really good horses. Canny Lad comes to mind.

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  • JayJayJayJay    6,093 posts
    spinking said:

    Pretty handy footballer in his day to boot Bookie

    Terrific fellow Bob...he made two mistakes in his career......playing for the bloody Munchers and accepting Laurie Connell's bets on Rocket Racer.
  • spinkingspinking    2,930 posts
    Could have halved that equation JJ if he played for the mighty black ducks

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  • sonnysonny    755 posts
    Hi Markovina, Foreman for the trainer who won the Rosehill Guineas with Ring Joe(J. Marshall)  and Bounding Away and Diamond Shower were the placegetters..
  • sonnysonny    755 posts
    Was it Stormy Rex, Spinking  or later...
  • spinkingspinking    2,930 posts
    Later Sonny
  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    1,907 posts
    Think I have mentioned this before but one raceday experience I never forgot was walking through the betting ring one Karrakatta day working hard on the racebook form. Looked up and a metre away from me were Sugarlips Hayes , Cliff Fahler & Bob Hawke all wearing big cowboy hats and walking around like they owned the joint....Fahler had the fav...can't remember its name but it never got warm.

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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    1,907 posts
    Was Bottled Sunshine the horse spinking ?
  • spinkingspinking    2,930 posts
    No Curmudgeon
  • savethegamesavethegame    2,001 posts
    Lloyds gold or boy?
  • spinkingspinking    2,930 posts
    Nope sorry STG
  • savethegamesavethegame    2,001 posts
    B.Lover  just the  Vital & palfresco story started in melb. i couldn't do the story justice ,they travelled  by boat to fremantle  on M.V.Manunda,the team of three horses was trained at ascot for two weeks prior to going to kalgoorlie- sensastional story 20,000 pounds was won.

    No doubt you would have been aware of your father in-law Angus Armanasco  was born in boulder 1912. read article when Boulder went wild when Angus won the boulder cup 1930 on Knight Commander. The reason for the jubilation was the fact he was ridden by outstanding Apprentice who was taking W.A. racing by storm a former boulder boy making a apperance at the round..

    Angus became the first apprentice to win the jockeys  premiership,in W.A.  at the stables of Maurice Hennessy--whose other apprentice at the time was Gerry Oliver---Rays dad and Damien Olivers g/father.

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,278 posts
    talking of angus armanasco, he was a great mate of dads, one of his best pals. BL this is where it gets interesting, dad used to stay  with angus at times. i found an old diary with his address in it..
    34 Booran rd. caulfield....be uncanny if it was the house your pa-in-law bought.
    the same book has bert bryants family names...wife molly and children greg, stephan and suzanne.
    bert and his wife stayed with us on one visit...i think that might have been the time they met up with jack davey, went to tatts for a game of billiads, happened to wander into the games room and were not seen until late morning the next day...i think they left jack there...he was a victim.

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  • sonnysonny    755 posts
    Give us a clue Spinking.. Please...

  • savethegamesavethegame    2,001 posts
    A winner never quits--Quitter never wins so he who never quits will always win. Seen that on football club wall. yer spin king gives another quarter.
  • savethegamesavethegame    2,001 posts
    Trying to kick one from the wing Indias Dream.
  • spinkingspinking    2,930 posts
    Good passage of play kicking one from there STG. Straight thru the middle good kick

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    sonny said:

    Great horse and not a bad jockey.. Vain???. The King was my pick....

    Yes...Vain ....P Hyland. If you click on the pic it takes you to a 10 min youtube piece.
    As a junior living in Victoria I was fortunate to see Vain in action. That posted photo of Vain looks like the poster pic from Racetrack magazine.

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,278 posts
    again talking of AA, his brother Joe trained here in WA.
    i stand corrected , but i think he trained Just Dave that Graham Aistrope was riding when he had his fatal fall.
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,536 posts
    Keith Watson - who was a top notch jockey - and i read on this forum - tragically  passed away recently 

    Anyhow - many many many years ago - i went to an Ascot midweek meeting - i was giving the Pro Punt a go - my preferred bet - was standing out trifectas multiple - 30 or 40 times - get the mathematics at work  etc

    At this meeting Keith Watson was riding a George Way trained horse - he did a bit of riding for George - mainly top weights - Keith might have had a weight issue at that time etc 

    The horse he was riding was about 7/4 fave ( no certainty ) but it was the one i stood out to win in all my trifectas

    Anyhow im watching the race - Watsons  horse came with its run - 50-60 metres from the finishing line  it hit the lead full of running - put down the glasses this thing is home - beautiful - nice collect coming up here 

    When all of a sudden - it lost total momentum - like it was in quick sand - and  this thing got up on its inside and beat it by about a neck 

    About 200-300 lined the mounting yard - and there was a pretty ugly demonstration - so i went down their - and i will never forget this - i  looked  at George Way - and George had pale skin - but honestly he was as white as a ghost - and in total shock like everyone - so i thought to myself - George hasnt had anything to do with this - hah 

    But at the stewards Inquiry Keith Watson was pretty upfront - a bit like Higgins on Hyperno in the Moonee Valley Cup - look i got overconfident - had a brain fade - dropped my hands - and as a result got beat - but he did get suspended

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  • bookieloverbookielover    2,312 posts
    Falcon, My father in law bought an investment property that Angus owned, not Angus' home. My FIL ran his business from that property for 55 years.

    Just on Bob Howatt, he told me about those bets on Rocket Racer. He didn't think the horse could win, so much so, that he laid Connell another $7,000/4,000 as Laurie was on his way to watch the race. 

    As I've said my memory is not what it was, but I think Bob's initial bet was $70,000/40,000 or somewhere around that amount. If anyone has better information, I'm happy to be corrected. But that last 7/4 bet I definitely remember.

    Bob was a great form student, and he was probably right about RR not being able to win on its merits. Unfortunately, he was  dealing with a crook.

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  • ManchildManchild    260 posts
    Markovina , the horse that beat it was called The Director (Vern Brockman )

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  • spinkingspinking    2,930 posts
    Do you remember the name of Hollywoods horse Manchild?
  • RexRex    346 posts
    Manchild said:

    Markovina , the horse that beat it was called The Director (Vern Brockman )

    George say's he can remember the day but not the horses name. He was livid at the time.

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  • ManchildManchild    260 posts
    No , but they backed it like there was no settling.  I was on the winner
  • savethegamesavethegame    2,001 posts
    Seems Football was a way of getting a extra quid.---If you were good enough,or to get out the manure.
    For a quite few years have had heard about the legend & the greatness plus his uncanny ability to graft a quid. by any means---  one--- Jack Harmer Broadstock. played VIC.& S.A. state teams

    Mainly based on his Goldfields Stint.---

    By reading old articles & quite lot  in put from old tigers players,& sons of players.

    Jack Broadstock started in adelaide  colts kadina 36,- then 37 colts South Adelaide.

    He played in 1943 premiership for richmond in the centre---under Jack Dyer who at one time rated Broadstock the best player he had ever seen.He had given Dyer two headaches prior to the grand final, breaking a drinking curfew, plus the second one he was arrested at the ground by the military police prior to grand final for being A.W.O.L.-Dyer had to  do some persuasive talking to his commanding officer.to grant permission for him to play.
    He was always on the move 1947 he  helped get West Adelaide into grand final which they won,first for 20 years he was suspend after preliminary final for hacking.got three weeks

    Broadstock flew into town Mar. --------Boulder 1948 ,started  training no balls were used for number of sessions except the two he carried in sprints, that he would pelt at the last two players heads in sprinting from one end of the ground to the other.they soon reckoned a cigarette paper covered the group.

     Residential Qualifications rule of 13 weeks plus, after that  still had to serve remaining two weeks of the adelaide suspension.before he could play.G.N.F.L

    But  gambling was him totally..  But when things went bad on the punt, he was always looking at ways for a fill-up. Consensus of opinion was that there was no smarter football brain----or smarter brain to organise a result.

    Boulder finished up premiers in.A& B he coached both. -----A grade lost only one game for the season against  arch rivals mines who had won the two previous premierships. 

    Club had obtained him a job underground,lasted a week-- could make more outta punting was his comment---.So was given a job in S.P.betting shop offsider ---Alleged story football season well & truly underway.
    Broadstock left in charge S.P.shop,with help of accomplice pumped the lot off with other bookies in the area.
    So the square-up evidently.happened to be  the only game boulder  lost for the season,There was.a Slav,& the accomplice, went around the twin towns backing Mines any amount , what people wanted to bet.even- diehard mines supporters, put cash down no way they could beat boulders.

    So game day Non -Inclusion of four of  Boulders best R.Jones( who the following season was voted best rover in V.F.L was one) Laffin Carmody Ruddick.Plus Broadstock reported.he was handicapped by fractured ribs he received from a hard bump in opening stages.

    Mines won by 4 points.

    Broadstock was named captain coach of GOLDFIELDS Side to play- SOUTH FREMANTLE. 
    Highlight of the game was Bernie Naylor kicking one from the centre,in his six goals.Story goes Broadstock next quarter roughly went back extra 1/2 metre further then Naylor and kicked a goal.towards hospital end.
    Goldfields was seventeen points up at half-time. Broadstock was voted best goldfields player.
    But at halftime the old accomplice was going around backing South Fremantle for any amount the punters wanted to have on the goldfields-------. South Fremantle won by 16 pts.

    Broadstuck was part-owner of horse that landed a huge plunge at northam was trained  in legendary goldfields stables of Ted &Ken  Mcinnes- who landed plunges across the state..

    South Melbourne found the goldfields happy hunting ground with recruiting players, had  lobbed three champions Brum O'Meara---Bluey Beard---Bluey Richards.prior.

    Broadstock got Boulders Dick Jones to sign  up with south melb.declares his another dick harris who was legendary richmond rover. Jones thought he might have needed another year.Broadstock said your ready--- plus i got three hundred pounds for you.

    Broadstock at one stage done a stretch for being a illegal bookmaker.

    He was only in goldfields a year sure left his mark with the locals on all fronts.

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    spinking said:

    Do you remember the name of Hollywoods horse Manchild?

    Hollydoll Girl or Par Valis ????
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