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What happened to last Saturday's first 4 jackpot???

West Australian Racing
Last Saturday at Ascot there was a carryover jackpot on the last race first 4 of around $50k. What happened to it? I couldn't see that it turned up anywhere on W.A racing.


  • savethegamesavethegame    2,101 posts
    Sure being last race,and can't roll onto the next it becomes super tab. discretion maybe 25k of it gone to melb. trots quaddie  tonight ? This has been a problem w.a. punters contributing to a wa, race then no option to follow up on c/over.portion
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,744 posts
    edited March 31
    Controlled by Tabcorp over east, a disgrace.
    Should go to the next available WA meeting or the next Ascot meeting.

    How does a Perth racing jackpot turn up at Melbourne trots - get with it Tabcorp.
  • tonytony    2,072 posts
    20K on Karrakatta is at least a bit of it
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,744 posts
    edited March 31
    Think there would’ve been a 20k jackpot on the Karrakatta regardless of the final race result. Feature races they often have a jackpot.

    That’s fair enough but what Tabcorp should do is be transparent with Jackpots on the final race of the day races or trots and within a matter of hours say where that jackpot money is being allocated. Too hard ?

    It’s the punters money - not there’s. It should be put back in the system ASAP.

    Other jackpots go race to race - the final event should be no different - next WA meeting or next Ascot meeting.

    That pool then goes up massively whereas Karrakatta Plate etc - they already attract a big pool.

    There’s been bigger jackpots on races and trots on WA meetings that disappear into oblivion. Transparency please Tabcorp.
  • tonytony    2,072 posts
    Not suggesting that WA carryovers shouldn't stay in WA but feature race jackpots come from accumulated jackpots.
    Also for those suggesting the Ascot carryover could be used for trots etc all jackpots must be allocated to the same code.
    The rules laid down by tabcorp are obviously a condition of the comingling agreement with WA
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