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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    1,929 posts

    By the way where is Liberal leader Zak Kirkup? Kirkup is a far better speaker and is a state load more confident off the cuff that panic merchant McGowan. 

    Now that McGoo has issued the election writ to Beazley Kirkup has every right to be standing with McGoo at these press conferences.

    Interestingly Liberal Kirkup's girlfriend is Jenna Clark the assistant editor for the labor rag West Australian and 92.9 breakfast co presenter plus she regularly appears on Sky with Paul Murray.
    Zak has to be in bed by 9.pm. Mum said. 

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  • JayJayJayJay    6,170 posts

    So dictator Dan at his press conference this morning tellsus that there are three new covid cases, ALL IN HOTEL QUARANTINE.

    That was the point I was making in previous post.

    All the cases that we are getting are hotel quarantine cases from people that are returning from overseas, NOT LOCALLY ACQUIRED CASES.

    We are an Island Country, and we would not have had any issues at all, if we weren't importing the virus. 

    It just proves how hopeless our authorities have been by not insisting that everyone prior to their return test negative before boarding a plane.
    Quarantine is the responsibility of the Federal Government, they have Christmas Island at their disposal but wont use it......they (Morrison and Dutton) have handballed overseas returnees to the states for management slap bang in the middle of the densely populated capital cities and they keep pushing to allow for a greater flow of international entries who bring the virus back with them, then when there is an outbreak, they go crook at the "incompetent states".....if you are having a crack at anyone, blame them. Morrison seems to me to very adept at avoiding responsibility for anything that goes guts up, like Commonwealth Age Care homes or the Hotel Quarantine fails and even going back to holidaying in Hawaii and then forcing people to shake his hand when he does a thoughts and prayers tour when he finally realises it was a disaster yet he is willing to bask in the glory of anything that goes right. He is as disingenuous as most who hold high office......yet you persist with what is quite frankly, childish name calling in referring to Andrews as "Dictator Dan".
  • RodentRodent    5,806 posts
    Everyone should just stop being an r sole. Well, everyone who can help it. Those of you who can't help it should just abstain from posting. Things were much more cordial until you came along.

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