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Pinjarra Magic Millions

West Australian Racing


  • bookieloverbookielover    2,343 posts
    edited February 5
    Sorry,Chris, that's it from me about the Covid stuff  on this thread.

    It is fair to say though,that it started on this thread with the shut down at Bunbury, which was patently ridiculous and a complete over reaction.
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,513 posts
    that was 5 days ago so yeh time to move on well and truly, dont you guys bet? got any tips? It being a racing forum and all... :D

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  • SKIDSSKIDS    953 posts
    edited February 5
    That's funny .... "That's it from me on the covid stuff".... next sentence.

    Race 2 -  Rhythm Star, way overs at 12/1, has been going very nicely this prep. I do like Cousin Ivan, but the 5.5kg he gives Rhythm Star might just be the difference. A solid E/W chance.

    Race 4, another one at a great E/W price, Beat The Bro. Terrible draw, but has the best hoop in town on board.

    Race 6 - Looks a very open affair. I'll stick with Pearls And Prawns here. Should have won last start and the juicy odds make it another excellent E/W bet.

    Race 8 -  I like the look of  Michelada. Obviously Sniparoochy is the one to beat. State Of Power to be thereabouts at a very tasty price. First 4 - 5/7, 5/7, 2/4/6/13, FD.

    Race 9 - Gemma's Son... easily


    She's Alight to end the day off nicely for me.... well, that's the plan
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,514 posts
    Terry Leighton has declared She's Alight "cannot win" it's race and has put $10 up for a liability of 7K on Betfair @-)

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,513 posts
    WOW interesting i didnt mind it myself albeit giving Last Of The Line 2kgs doesnt look favourable.Runs 1st 3 though surely.
  • TheSwooperTheSwooper    1,654 posts
    Will be holding my breath in the run but going to have something small on Beat The Bell in R2. Think it is unders at the moment and expect better tomorrow.

    The last is a cracking race. Friaresque's last two efforts have been very good but will probably stick with me old mate Luke's Gold.
  • oldhendooldhendo    429 posts
    Yeah, LG for me.

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  • hashhash    7,080 posts
    edited February 5
    H-BOMBER said:

    Terry Leighton has declared She's Alight "cannot win" it's race and has put $10 up for a liability of 7K on Betfair @-)

    It’s either been matched or he’s telling porky pies cause all I can see is $338 at $10

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  • GoddGodd    177 posts
    Few roughies
    Fingers crossed
    R2-14 ew , 8p at big price
    R3-9 ew
    R5-3ew 15 place
    R6-4&15 both ew
    R7-9 win 6place
    R8-5 win
    R9-1 hardest to beat , 2 best ew
    R10-12 win
  • sonnysonny    766 posts
    Thats about half..

  • hashhash    7,080 posts
    Or most likely taken the $10 they put up yesterday and wants to try lay it back at much less than $10 closer to the jump
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,375 posts
    this is a bloody good card, a few shorties and a bit of value if you can sniff one out.. :-B

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  • The_BullThe_Bull    885 posts
    Race 4 Brutus Maximus EW @ 20's

    This bloke is harder to catch than "The Rona" in Perth, but was way out of depth in a 66 last start and went better than the run looked. The other 2 with him on the speed dropped out and he kept plugging. May have over raced a bit also. Drawn soft, drops in grade and likes the track.
  • SKIDSSKIDS    953 posts
    He's easy to catch. Back him when he's favorite and the Pontiff is on board

  • detonatordetonator    2,507 posts
    I don`t normally throw out tips on here but I received a tip on a horse tomorrow in W.A.
    It is a special apparently.
    Not sure where it is running but the horse is called LOCKDOWN.

    It is by a horse called "Mcgoo" out of a mare called "Its all about me" 
    It cost a bomb. I am told somewhere in the vicinity of 100 to 200 million dollars.
    Has a huge ownership base.

    It is running second up but has no form because its first run was declared a "false start".
    LOCKDOWN was very popular and unbackable at the start of the week but as the race gets closer lots of punters are jumping off in droves and now you can get any old price. 

    Unfortunately there is no "cashout" on this bet if you have already backed it. Your money is done. (unless the meeting is abandoned but that is very unlikely.......right?) 


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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,620 posts
    edited February 5
    After getting rolled twice on Skinnen Tins, surely she got one of those photos, time to venture back in.
    Two place bets on Adam Durrant runners. Mitch Pateman on both.

    Race 4 Beret have a bit of time for her, can get a mile back and drawn wide, good luck me.
    Race 6 Indigo Blue liked this filly last prep, small win and big place on her.

    Have to lay one for the day - can’t win ( famous last words ) the horse that defeated Skinnen Tins by a nose - Peppijack. Is around $4.20 I’ll bet $5 for any takers, for a liability of not much!

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  • VoodooVoodoo    930 posts
    R7 Beautiful Mind......E/W SPECIAL...12-13 dollars at the minute will do nicely...

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  • ChrisChris    4,529 posts
    Very keen Montalena

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,513 posts
    edited February 6
    Cracking race the 7th and pretty open with maybe 7 good chances, I too am a fan of Beautiful Mind based on the unlucky 1st up run but I think Not To Be Mist can run a race fresh as well.
    A few in the mix have drawn sticky and Tommy Blue drawing 1 is not ideal so some are going to get the required luck some won't..hopefully one of these two at double figure odds do.
  • YankeeYankee    184 posts
    Yes i'll second that the pontiff can have a great day,really like R4 Uncle Dick, cracker meeting feel sorry for the club would have been a bumper crowd and money spinner.

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  • bradybrady    1,361 posts
    Comfort Me  ( best Bet )
    Tollman         ( each way )
    Pixie Chix     ( Place )

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  • ChrisChris    4,529 posts
    The first is gross

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  • SKIDSSKIDS    953 posts
    Certainly is Chris. I'm going to go with my old faithful for the 1st... Race 1 number 4.
  • TheSwooperTheSwooper    1,654 posts
    Give the 1000m straight the flick.
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,514 posts
    Is that Michael Granthams first win as a trainer?
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,375 posts
    spot on there, chrisso...
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,514 posts

    Each way all day

    R2 Avalon Bay $16
    R4 That's Funny Az $15
    R5 Scooters Machine $15
    R6 Dani Bella. $11
    R7 Proconsent $26
    R8 Export Man $8
    R10 Touch of Silver $91

    Good luck all
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,513 posts
    I did alright R1 got $4.25 fixed the drum early doors on the 2nd horse who gave a big sight in front(back the outside gates folks)
  • TheSwooperTheSwooper    1,654 posts
    Ran okay the Bell. Lucy went early but didn't make much difference. Leaders kept going. They certainly are too hard for me.
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,513 posts
    I was disappointed in Aberdeen Queen, didn't look to see out the trip after a good run in transit so imo a step back in trip is the go.
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