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All Star Mile 13 March 2021.

East Coast Racing


  • thefalconthefalcon    17,549 posts
    may have been a blessing in disguise that she missed it..deplorable conditions may have stuffed her.

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  • spinkingspinking    3,022 posts
    That's the difference between our stewards and theirs. If that race was run here she would have started. Aside from that what we did see in that race yesterday was why Ollie and HB are some of the best steerers in the world. Ten out ten both rides

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,875 posts
    edited March 14
    agree on the finish however...i wonder if Hugh feels obliged to send a few $$ from his FAT AS 5% cheque to that fella he poleaxed Andrew Adkins.Although this incident was some 8 months ago Andrew has only just returned to riding and is 0 from 31 rides so far probably has been/still is doing it tough financially i'd guess .. we don't hear if Bowman has reached out and may have even already helped out in some way(s), you would hope so from a multi millionaire who was highly culpable in that incident.
    Bowman went down a few cogs in my estimations that day.

    As for the race rain ruined it or some of the chances hopes(which can't be helped i know)and Lane did Probabeel no favours getting planted for the 47th time in a row on one he has drawn wide :D.It was maybe one not suited by conditions but the steer made sure of it dropping out.
  • detonatordetonator    2,644 posts
    Reckon they should rename Moonee Valley ....”Death Valley”
    I have zero confidence at the venue. Even less when it rains. 
    You never hear any of the tipsters in their previews say they are confident of finding winners on the programme.
    I doubt whether there is another track in Australia that produces as many hard luck stories as this one. And or in order to win have to be ridden out of their normal comfort zones.
    I would rather back one at Grafton than MV.
  • FlandersFlanders    809 posts
    Seems that at this time of year the big meetings in Syd and Melb get messed around by the rain more often than not. Its a real shame.
    Its not as though they can really move things around on the calendar to avoid it, since they have so many big races, the calendar is riddled with them!
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,875 posts
    Spot on it's diabolical most times in Autumn e.g it isn't easter in Sydney unless it IS **** down rain etc etc
    I am already concerned about the track for the Slipper meeting this saturday at Rosehill..rain forecast for 5 days straight ffs!! and idrgaf about the Slipper it's the Ranvet(a ripper of a race in waiting)and the Rosehill Guineas that pique my interest greatly.Don't mind soft going it's to be expected but i worry about a bottomless track creating unfair conditions.
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