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GP and Albany Friday 19th February

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  • savethegamesavethegame    2,101 posts
    Gilgamesh --Stop using a commonsense approach with  such a serious  matter regarding what the lifeblood of the industry the ''punters''' are dealt day in day, across Australia with these Yank  Carts..---Not designed for our tracks,& tight racing------- allow no margin for error,  IF not today, tomorrow for the next lockie wheeler incident.and so----- on--on& on.


  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,600 posts
    The locked wheels situation is very frustrating

    However what is far worse in my opinion  - and it happens so many times - is a leader looks in trouble straightening for home - or early in the home straight - and the driver in quite a few occasions will let the horse drift/hang out 2-3 carts - so it is right next to the danger - outside horse with momentum - some times they make contact - and it impedes the outside horse - 

    Classic example last Tuesday night at Junee - last race - im on Gold Chester $105 the win and $95 place - got in early at the big overs of $10 

    At the top of the straight it went up to join the odds on fave - ( they had streeted the rest of the field ) - basically joined it - then the leader hangs out and impedes my horse - puts it off balance 

    The stewards report said the leader hung - i think that is absolute rubbish - if you watch the replay - just before the leader hangs - watch the drivers left hand - if that isnt steered - then im blind 

    That type of thing happens far too often  - there seems to be an unwritten rule in the rule book that if you are leading - and look vulnerable - then your allowed to let your horse drift out in the home straight 

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  • savethegamesavethegame    2,101 posts
    They slowed up for a couple months when Barbara Scott took that one off shockwave  in group1 classic. after trainer had protested.--------But right Marko another terrible.one, have seen two carts off to scraping outside fence.protest dismissed margin a neck. 
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