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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,549 posts
    i know there was no malice slip, i just think the comments were unnecessary or maybe i am being too protective of stu.
    Obviously not the same offence however it is interesting that Shenton doesn't get a second chance after doing his time however a multitude of trainers get another chance and indeed some received numerous chances after offending. For me none of them should get a second chance.

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  • shothrushothru    55 posts
    paraletic said:

    Is he still banned from racetracks? If so what a truly despicable organisation rwwa is. I would love to hear him call up north and if he wants to he should be given the opportunity. We all make mistakes and nobody is perfect.

    SS Told me about 5 years ago he was offered a calling job at Canarvon. At the time they had no caller. I Got the impression he would have done it for free. He told me RWWA refused to allow it
  • licklick    233 posts
    Is he clean (from drugs) these days?
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,549 posts
    as  far as i know he's clean...only vice is smoking....
  • oldhendooldhendo    450 posts
    What a sad life, i hope Stuart is doing well and some good comes out of this interview.

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  • Piston_BrokePiston_Broke    1,956 posts
    Original poster was the interviewer 
     wholeheartedly agree with Stues summation re Bill Collin, "the accurate one" please give me a break, also agree with Slip regarding Raymond, was a suprise
    Graham Shenton was the newsreader, everyone has their demons,good luck to those whose Demon  is Drugs,could not be a worse demon

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  • AbbysAceAbbysAce    362 posts

    I don't think so. The other Brian that springs to mind is Blackwell. Not totally certain now that it is a Brian?

    Brian Blackmore

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    That is the Brian I had in mind but BL  was correct with Ray Benson
  • JimmyPopJimmyPop    169 posts
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,549 posts
    jimmy does pop corn...... L-)

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  • Piston_BrokePiston_Broke    1,956 posts
    Talking bout Ray Benson, in 78 I was in Melb working for Robert Maumill, we had a 4 y/o mdn, run 2nd last in a trial at Moe, we had one of the best judges in Melb riding it work, after it trialled he said went ok, will win a race, 3 weeks later we snuck it down to Cranbourne and worked with a horse from T J Harrisons, Spatch Wyatt said wttf have you done to this, it just wins when u start it,It had 1 start in Perth as a 2 yo and ran 5th at Belmont. Took it to Traralgon, Spatch couldn't ride it as he was riding Mr Magic in the Craven A Stakes at Flem. Mate of my Dads Rod Dawkins jumped on it, we got 6/1 but were lucky to get that, Ray Benson had rung Jimmy Chadwick and asked about the horse, getting WA form was virtually non existent, Chaddy send it went enormous, Benson never said a word to anyone, never tipped but saw Robert before the race, all he asked "are you on?" That's all he wanted to know, once he found out we were all on he backed it, started 7/4 and won by 3, good solid old school type of guy
    I think there have been many racecallers who have surrendered to the drink or drugs.

    Shenton isn't the only local caller to not rate Bill Collins. Wasn't there a Bunbury meeting when Collins as a guest caller stuffed up a race and was very upset behind the grandstand shortly afterwards? I am reliably informed but will not name my source.

    Having said that I didn't mind Bill Collins as a caller.

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    JayJay said:

    Far out, was like watching a Stevie Wright interview

    Agree or Brian Connolly of The Sweet

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,549 posts
    we are not here to denegrate anybody, slip.
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,549 posts
    bumped into stewie in the galleria on thursday. badly broke his ankle, and i mean badly it was at right angle. had 6 weeks in hospital and is on crutches and a knee high boot.
    he is on morphine which is really worrying him...and rightly so.
    i asked his age...66.
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