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Stewards Report Australia Post

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The "Ol Mate Falc Sends JJ A Couple Of Items Via Snail Mail" Stakes. February 26, 2021. Mt Lawley to Manjimup.300km, 1standard size envelope.

"Australia Post, drawn gate 1, galloped out from the mobile, slow into stride, hung in, hung out or hungover, trailed the field, took no competitive part in the race. Finished race off poorly on March 9th. Referred to authorities for continued poor performance".

I reckon I could walk that far in 11 days....and I am a slow walker. Maybe the pony wasn't wearing one of those Cartier watches.

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  • savethegamesavethegame    2,101 posts
    More like locked wheels---A.P. using yank carts as well----See Father & Daughter sharing wheels at Collie on  Sunday. Which was a milestone day on couple of  fronts------ Emilys 200th winner the third fastest to reach 200. 
    Corey Rodgers first winner as a trainer with   Addisyn horse  the family bred - broke-in with the westbred bonuses  attached -----Sure  helps ---compared  to   2.5k.  on its own.

    Joe Margaret  Suvaljko  Memorial  Day. - would have been a proud watch. 4 winners on the day Joe snr. by all accounts rode trackwork in kalgoorlie late 40s----Then ride gallopers on raceday for the boulder trainers to Kalg. course.

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  • freodockersfreodockers    838 posts
    Authorities report.
    Comments noted no action taken.
    Good to go again.

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  • KTQKTQ    233 posts
    I posted my mother in law (who lives in small town New Hampshire USA - the almost direct opposite side of the globe) a painting from Busselton. Paid slowest postage possible and it arrived 5 days later. Meanwhile, I post something to NSW and it takes 3 weeks. hmmph

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  • freodockersfreodockers    838 posts
    How we going with that article KTQ, happy to pay up.

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  • KTQKTQ    233 posts

    I had started some research on Daintys Daughter winners but had no time to complete it :(
    Maybe in the next couple weeks storyline inspiration will hit again
  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    2,183 posts
    My wife received a share entitlement offer two days after the offer was closed. According to the company the offer was posted on 1st March and offer closed on 10th March. Australia Post exceeding all expectations.
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