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Your All Round Favourite Racetrack Attended Including International

West Australian Racing
I was reading through my racebooks from racetracks attended and recalled my favourites. I would like your opinions on tracks you have attended. 

To kick start I nominate Hexham in northern England as my favourite. The most scenic I have attended. Very cold on most days but does have a heated tote like shed in between races.

Santa Anita has a glorious backdrop and jockeys walk right past you to mount. I was able to chat with and compliment Kayla Stra the day she landed a double and poured over 2.6k into my pocket. \:D/

Golden Gate and Turf Paradise are up there and for a bit of rough or trailer trash tracks I rate Portland.

I have not attended but the track that looks one of the best is Chantilly in France

Locally I rate the intimacy and backdrop of Toodyay pre one off days and York with the Mt Bakewell backdrop.Both are very intimate.


  • spinkingspinking    3,014 posts
    Geez Slip i dont really rate intimacey as a factor when grading a race course. Thats gives new meaning to having a love affair with the track
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,527 posts
    the Hippodrome in Athens......... :))
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,527 posts
    forgot, Taby in stockholm. it closed a few years ago and the new one is some 50ks from the city..called Boc something or other.
  • sonnysonny    770 posts
    It changes daily .. depends on which one I win at.....
  • ChrisChris    4,568 posts
    Mt Barker for me
  • ciscocisco    747 posts
    Warrnambool 3 day carnival in May
  • SKIDSSKIDS    969 posts
    Meekatharra Cup day was fun. We camped there the night before.

    Had a great day at Gold Coast and was blown away by Flemington.
  • bookieloverbookielover    2,364 posts
    edited March 23
    I'm an old bugger, and as much as I understand that judging a favourite track by some, may be dependant on how much alcohol was consumed and how many women they were able to chat up and have some success with, for me, it's about comfort for the public, especially for me and she who must be obeyed.

    Me and the boss need to be able to go to the track, sit at a table, have all the TV's within close proximity, and have all the betting facilities, bookies and tote within a few metres. So I base my favourite tracks on those parameters. 

    I've been to lot's of tracks, but my favourite is one out of left field, and entirely based on the good feel I have being there, and the facilities that are available to the public, which makes me want to go back there again and again.

    For all the faults that I complain about after going there, I love going to Gloucester Park. I love the closeness to the action, the usually warm nights and great weather when I'm there and the comfort of being able to virtually sit anywhere and enjoy a meal and a drink, and have the bookie when he's working there, and the tote, close by.

    Other great tracks I have been to where our needs, me and the missus, are taken care  of: 

    Melbourne: The Valley, Caulfield, supreme comfort there, and Sandown, not many go,but very good. 
    Sydney: Randwick very good, Canterbury, and Gosford, which is excellent. 
    Brisbane, Doomben, Ipswich and Gold Coast. 
    Perth: Pinjarra, the best by a country mile. 


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  • RIORIO    14,367 posts
    Only been there once, but Doomben is a really great set up and allows you to get a great view of the races and to be right on the fence at the finish line.

    I reckon so much depends on who your with and why your there. A wet day in the middle of Winter on a HEAVY 10 at Seymour, to get up close and have good chat with Damian Lane between races, nearly made Seymour my favourite track!!!!! haha A race-day you'd never see in WA as the track would be closed as too dangerous, by all and sundry!!!

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  • VillageKidVillageKid    1,957 posts
    Gloucester Park.

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