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West Australian Racing
No Thoroughbred racing today, so I was thinking, that when you DO have a bet, who do you normally bet with?

If  you go to the track, do you mainly bet with one of the on course bookies, the tote, or Corporate bookies?

Do you bet with people like Palmer Bet, or Blue Bet,whose owners operate on the rails in Sydney?

Do you use the Best Bookies web site to have a bet?

Do you bet on the Betfair site?

Or do you bet with a combination of these. 

I'm specifically asking, what you do if you go to the track, not what you do when you are betting from home.

Having posed those questions, my next question is, when betting whether on track or from home, of all the bookies, on track, Corps, TAB fixed odds,the Best Bookies web site, or Betfair, which one/ones do you find to be the best, and which ones would you never utilise or bet with again, and why?

Just one more. 

Have you ever taken a multiple with a Corp and been "fleeced". 

Example, you take a quaddie with one of them, it pays $400,000 with the Tote, you expect a similar amount from your Corp, only to discover they have a $250,000 payout limit in the very fine print, of which you were totally unaware.


  • thefalconthefalcon    17,616 posts
    i detest corps so therefore its the good old tote for me.
    on course with only 2 or 3 bookies i still normally bet on the billy, you have the choice of tote or fixed.

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  • spinkingspinking    3,028 posts
    Having a discussion about the old Ascot ring today and Brett Lentons name come up my mate reckons he would have to be 80 years old can anybody confirm roughly how old he would be?
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,717 posts
    Certainly doesnt sound 80 to my ear on the radio. 
  • GilgameshGilgamesh    3,695 posts
    H-BOMBER said:

    Certainly doesnt sound 80 to my ear on the radio. 

    I agree he doesn’t sound that old, if I think back to how he looked when I last remember having a few bets with him though he could be that old!!

  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    edited March 24
    Gave him $500 one day in 5s 10s 20s and shrapnel and he never even counted it! Could see me coming and possibly thought “come in spinner”...it was for a place on something - did diddly squat.

    Think a Miller was the trainer or jockey, maybe Joe, not there fault had every chance.

    Coming to think of it, might have given him too much.
  • detonatordetonator    2,704 posts
    Not talking about Brett Lenton but when you go to a bookie and you put on what you consider a large bet and they take your money and say...have you got any more. You know you are in trouble. Haha @-)
  • VoodooVoodoo    943 posts
    Even worse when you have whack at one and bugger me dead, the bookie winds it out another point, Sure enough it gets rolled.  :(( :(( :((
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    When they roll it out another point ( or two ) and me knowing full well it will lose, i put another bet on it, that’s just to be spiteful haha.

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    Even more annoying racing up to a bookie old days in a crowded eastern states ring, 8/1 you bewdy...got on...bookie two stands away 10/1 :-<
  • VillageKidVillageKid    1,965 posts
    Chariotsonfire was my favourite bookie.
    Not that I ever collected too much back from him at all, but at least I knew my losing betting $$$ were going to a good SD family!

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  • psychopsycho    360 posts
    spinking said:

    Having a discussion about the old Ascot ring today and Brett Lentons name come up my mate reckons he would have to be 80 years old can anybody confirm roughly how old he would be?

    Brett would be well into his seventies I would think, he has been a bookie since I started punting in the mid 70s

  • spinkingspinking    3,028 posts
    You have been at the capper for a while Psycho. Silly question over the journey do you reckon you would be in front?
  • psychopsycho    360 posts
    spinking said:

    You have been at the capper for a while Psycho. Silly question over the journey do you reckon you would be in front?

    Would be unlikely to be in front overall, but recently (the last 10 years) have been in slight profit as I kept records, for me it is about having a good time rather than making money, although nobody bets to lose

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,616 posts
    ^ thats correct psycho but some people bet UNTIL they lose...there is some scientific name for it.
  • detonatordetonator    2,704 posts
    ^ In a similar vein Falc, I saw a documentary once on tv where they interviewed gamblers and got into their psycie to find out their mindset etc.
    Some of them actually embraced losing because the pain they felt was significant enough for them to have deep inner feelings of despair. For them that pain and feelings were real which they didn’t experience in normal day to day mundane living. 
    Hard to imagine.....maybe.
    I find it hard to imagine that men would pay money to be tied up in a dungeon. Put on a “Gimp” hood and allow women to kick them in the nuts.
    Hey not everyone is built the same. Lol 


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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,616 posts
    deto, that was the dodo  on those sleaze bags the waterhouses.
  • bookieloverbookielover    2,368 posts
    Come on boys, and maybe girls, and anything else you identify as.

    All the posts so far have been great to read, but aside from Falcon, don't any of you actually have a bet?

    I'd love to know who your choice of betting medium is. If any of you are prepared to write about them, I'd like to know what sort of service you get, do they cut you back, have you been banned etc. 

    If you all want to keep that stuff to yourselves, that's fine.

    I just realised I haven't stated my preference.

    It's Betfair by a long way, even allowing for the commission they take out.

    Markets during the course of betting can, and have, got down to less than 80%. 

    Now, I'm not good enough to take advantage of that, but there are some pretty smart blokes who can. And, I can lay a horse if I don't like it.

    If I'm on track, which is rare unless I go to Perth, I still like to have a bet with the bookies. 

    Rabbits, Peter Cripps, Lindsay are all good to bet with, and I even got top odds a horse last time I was there with Scott Thornett. 

    By the way, get well soon Rabbits.

  • detonatordetonator    2,704 posts
    I am a BET365 man. Love the odds drift protector and the cash out. 
    They seem to have good prices close to jump time.
    They haven’t stiffed me with bet size restrictions like the others. YET. 

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    edited March 26
    What I’d like to see - national tote pool on one proviso - drop those ridiculously high takeout rates, bring win and place down to 10% and novelties no higher than 15%, whilst your at it don’t round down dividends either...after takeout rate a horse paying $1.89 a place becomes $1.80 my goodness how do they get away with that.

    Reinvigorate tote betting - national pool and drop takeout rate and punters will return in droves.

    What they lose in reduction of takeout rate will be made up with much higher turnover and punters reinvesting - the name of the game. Get the tote punter back - it’s tired and almost obsolete.

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  • bookieloverbookielover    2,368 posts
    Nice to see the slow return of more bookies to the track in Victoria.

    13 at Bendigo today, 12 at the picnics at Balnarring next week, 17 at Caulfield on Easter Sunday. They would have more there but social distancing prohibits it.

    Victoria still have 160 registered bookmakers licensed to bet on track. Pretty remarkable, considering they were out of business for at least 9 months missing the Spring carnival in 2020 which most depend upon to survive. 

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,616 posts
    they are a very, very resiliant breed as you well know me olde mate.... :-B
  • bigorangecatbigorangecat    53 posts
    :)] <:-P
    Up north........Barry Evans. 
    Great bloke , great bookie.

    edited March 28
    Any bookie that handed me money.

    When I was a kid my favourite bookies were the bookies that gave me their spare fresh sets of yellow bookie board horse name cards

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  • bookieloverbookielover    2,368 posts

    :)] <:-P

    Up north........Barry Evans. 
    Great bloke , great bookie.

    I can't remember what name you used to post under, but I reckon those emojis give you away. Someone will enlighten me.

    Anyway, good to have you back.

    Where exactly in the State does this Barry Evans work, if in fact he still does?

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  • hashhash    7,123 posts
    rusty never left BL :D

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  • VoodooVoodoo    943 posts
    edited March 29
    Barry Evans = Carnarvon Bookmaker ...used to do Geraldton, Broome round, Gascoyne etc, absolutely fantastic person. Has had a few handy gallopers too.

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  • MuldoonMuldoon    213 posts
    edited March 29
    Been a long time since I have tangled with a Bookie on course, but remember back in the Casino Room days at Ascot & Belmont, Rod Evans, Harry Donald, Frank Procter, Steve Spanbrook.  What ever happened to Rod's "boy wonder" Kim Hunter ?

    I must admit I cheated, had to look up an old book from our family collection to remember who other than RE was standing. Saw this Ad in the book. Who was & what happened to George Kenway ?

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    edited March 29
    And Stuart Lowe they spelt Stuart Low - not a big mistake, I’ve made bigger but even so they couldn’t get it right.

    George Kenway, I’m the same, just vaguely recall, whereas the others we knew like the back of our hand.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    edited March 29
    Plenty of bookies in Victoria @bookie that’s because more roughies get up there than anywhere in the world! Haha.

    The number of them especially in Group Racing over the years - uncanny.
    Just a few off the top of the noggin -
    Prince Of Penzance
    Boom Time
    Taufans Melody
    Gatting ( good one boys ).
    Lunar Fox
    Abaridy - was that the Caulfield Guineas winner at 250/1 many years ago ?
    Dandy Andy
    Black Heart Bart
    What was the name of that horse won the Emirates about ten years ago - was 200/1 or something.
    The Toorak Handicap could throw up a few bolters too.

    And keep going...there’s at least another 50 of them! Never seen a place with so many outsiders salute but that’s better than $1.20 chances in eight horse fields going around.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    edited March 29
    The Emirates now known as the Longines Mile - it was Tears I Cry in 2007 - was around 250/1.

    Think Empire Rose ( champion huge NZ mare ) was about 66/1 in a McKinnon and won then a few days later started favourite in the Melbourne Cup and won that too.

    Most thought will just have a nice pipe opener into the Cup but she went bang at the clickety click to one. Those Kiwis..could be sneaky.
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