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Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,743 posts
When legged up aboard Masked Party in the Group One William Reid Stakes it was soon to be the beginning of a great run of eight wins for Willy Pike, 5 in Victoria and 3 in WA.

Winners and approx odds.
Masked Party 6/1
Ginger Jones 9/1
Dom To Shoot 9/4
Mount Poppa 11/8
Laverod 6/1
How’s The Serenity 2/1
Let’s Cut Loose 7/4
Final Chill 4/1

Not even close to an odds favourite amongst them, meaning each of those eight winners all odds on to lose. With the Group One victory - they don’t give ‘em away and it’s been a big few days.

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,827 posts
    note to self backed a few of them but NOT ENOUGH!! DTS and "Rod" in particular.

    Things change though back in Perth this weekend and is on one i saw Sportsbet have at 1.16 ffs that being Western Empire and Pure Devotion may start in the red in the Oaks too, was 1.95 when i looked(at a multibet opportunity lol)
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,743 posts
    edited March 25
    Was looking on the weekend at markets on horse’s NOT to win - Masked Party was about $1.08 - you’d be in trouble despite having the whole field running for you when Pikey starts looking for a run with a horse travelling.

    Backing horses not to win - that’s taking the ultimate odds on bet ( unless runner odds on itself then you’d get close to or better than black figures ) you’d need a big % success rate to be in front.

    Possibly the one way to win in this game - apart from taking your money out of the left pocket and putting it in your right pocket - keep cool, stand and deliver and lay every odds on favourite in Perth racing throughout the year - Pike or no Pike.

    Enough of them get beaten, it’s the 6 or 7 that may win a row that you have to absorb though and thats easier said than done.

    When they start to get rolled it’s happy days - 2/5 or $1.40 rather be holding them than backing them overall.
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