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Bunbury Course Upgrade

West Australian Racing
jumjum    2,922 posts
The little birdies are tweeting again. And if its true, I would like to know how.
So the rumor has it, there is a meeting today for Bunbury based trainers only.
The meeting will be about RWWA spending big $$$$ of industry funds to do up a BTC life members training facilities for trainers to use whilst the track is getting an upgrade. To me this is not passing the sniff test.  
# Is it legal to spend industry money on a private training facility on private property.
# Who covers off on insurance and compensation when this is private property.
# Will this facility be available for anyone with a licence.
I was under the impression that it was all but ticked off (Before Covid) that the Collie race club were going to get the $$$$ upgrade. Would this not be a better option for the industry, as Collie hosts a TAB meeting every October. And is heavily supported in this meeting by local participants.
To me this smells of some Bunbury trainers looking after there own nests with industry funds.


  • hashhash    7,109 posts
    Would there be enough trainers and horses in bunbury to cater for this one meeting though
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,527 posts
    sorry jum but i think its a reasonable solution for the bunbury trainers to have a facility to conduct their trade. a few points...
    # does the BTC life members property already have a training track? if so its a fair reason to spend some $'s to do it up. if there is no training track, then it may not pass the shiff test.
    # the insurance is easily tweaked from the existing cover by the clubs broker. or if its under a RWWA umbrella policy the same tweaking applies.
    # i imagine it will be available only to those trainers affected by the closure of their home track.

    the collie track has nothing to do with this proposal, nor does COVID. it has 1 annual meeting and i imagine a lot of track upkeep is done by locals
    i'll pick up my soap box and disappear in the crowd...
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,527 posts
    hash, i imagine the collie meeting would be a pseudo "picnic", albeit with TAB coverage.
  • jumjum    2,922 posts
    Falc i believe there is a small track there about 4 horses wide with very sharp bends. I personally have not seen the track.
    In the linc above. RWWAs plans were very specific. Why the change with absolutely no communication on why. The Collie track has full facilities and 3 local trainers use it. This years Bunbury Cup winner was trained from Collie. And the race meeting at Collie is not a picnic meeting and trainers from all over the lower part of the state attend. The club is also trying to get more meetings. 
    I just find it hard that someone will get a free kick and a new training track with industry funded money. When there are other fairer ways that I personally believe would be better off for the industry. There are more than a few Bunbury trainers that are more than happy to come up and train there horses on the collie track as well.

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  • savethegamesavethegame    2,101 posts
    Probably more to do with Kalgoorlie on struggle street regards winter racing on a weekly basis maybe 2 years max.before major changes -----re program--- maybe soon if fernie was to leave. first meet 51 runners 12 fernies
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,527 posts
    jum, i may have jumped in a bit early after reading the bunbury blog. it is a cut and dried process. has anybody dropped a note to mr. beaver?...(bet he went thru hell at school with that tag). :))
    now the big question, who is the generous life member? is he a hobby trainer?
    the good folk of collie should be up in arms...
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,527 posts
    rightio, the life members are: messrs battle, anderson, price, enright (j.j.) & chadwick.

    one name picks himself...
  • spinkingspinking    3,014 posts
    Surly not one individual. Life member or not should benefit from any money input from RWWA. i heard last week where the money is going to be spent Jum for mine not on
  • jumjum    2,922 posts
    So from the meeting. $$$ will be spent 50% on the Collie track and 50% on the private property.

    Will be very interesting if this is actually the case 
  • goosegoose    1,583 posts
    Collie should definitely be developed as a second track in the area surely the race club can also get some money out of government to spend on the track as a job promotion type spending in the area. With the gradual closure of the power stations money will have to be spent in the town the race club should start thinking big.

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