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West Australian Racing
On 13th March Charleton Eddie was nommed and scratched which gifted the stablemate Sassy Trader an artificially lower weight than it would have normally got had CE not been entered. The stewards rightly queried the tactic and warned them that this is not on. Fast forward to this week's meeting and they've done the same thing again. Either they are really thick or they don't give a damn about the rules (or think there won;t be a fine or whatever).
Stewards report from last time:
Trainer S Casey was interviewed in relation to the nomination and subsequent scratching of
CHARLTON EDDIE. Mr Casey stated that as nominations were extended for this event he decided to
nominate the gelding, however he then became aware that there was a 78+ 1200m event on Saturday
20th March 2021 and after consultation with the owner, he elected to withdraw the gelding from today’s
meeting in favour of starting it next Saturday as in their opinion it was a more suitable race for the
gelding. Mr Casey was told to be mindful of the rules, in future, in regards to late nominations and the
impact on weights due to any subsequent withdrawal.


  • FlandersFlanders    804 posts
    Well it seems that common sense prevailed and the weights have been re-calculated to normal. Forget I said anything!
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