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GP- Easter Cup

Harness & Greyhounds
Race 1-   Plutonium,  Boom Time,  Pocket The Cash,  Mirragon
Race 2-   Naval Aviator,  One For Dave Andme,  The Last Drop,  CC Chevron
Race 3-   Miracle Moose,  Diego,  My Carbon Copy,  Vespa
Race 4-   Gran Chico,  Has No Fear,  Lord Rosco,  Our Rhythm n Blues
Race 5-   Texas Tiger,  Vultan Tin,  Antero,  Stroke Of Luck
Race 6-   Lawrence,  Glenledi Chief,  Babyface Adda,  Major Artist
Race 7-   Black Jack Baby,  Unconditional,  Miss Boudica,  Benesari Lane
Race 8-   Heavens Showgirl,  Savvy Bromac,  Sports Package,  Sweet Maddison
Race 9-   Stefsbest,  Will I Rocknroll,  Machlani,  Thomson Bay  
+1 -1

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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    3,655 posts
    I tend to be wrong a lot but R2 looks like a pretty slow line off the arm, I'm happy to have a few dollars on Extreme Prince thinking they might have a crack at crossing.
  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    2,183 posts
    Rabchenko may do the same.

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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    3,655 posts

    Rabchenko may do the same.

    Money backing up that idea.
  • GilgameshGilgamesh    3,655 posts
    Not how I expected it to fill a place but I will take it

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  • ChrisChris    4,568 posts
    Anything else today Gilg?
  • GilgameshGilgamesh    3,655 posts
    Stefsbest in the last the other one for me, looks like a decent crowd has turned out
  • freodockersfreodockers    838 posts
    He wood Bay I had to look twice at those odds
  • JayJayJayJay    6,236 posts
    Won't see much better steers than the peach in the Easter Cup. From the top shelf.

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  • savethegamesavethegame    2,101 posts
    Brilliant race stand 2900m had everything----Dylan was just starting to unwrap the silverpaper--Ryan said its mine--Junior said now for fighting over it you can have boiled lollies--Shannon can have the bunny---- Greg said theirs  no  I in Team Bond which is great for the sport.---but you pair have bent me over.---both vacated the 1x1 in 2900m.in the first 600m. 8-| easy from the lounge chair. --you don't have to be dead to be stiff Lawrence

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