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i don't think Bart would be happy to be associated with this promo.
sounds like its got a whiff of snake oil sales about it....
only a spendthrift with a sense of humour would pay $100...($106.59 with gst) to attend a function with SNACK food and 2 drink vouchers, probably local lager &/or gossips wine.
or they might just want to get a selfie with our trainers.....and wait for it...trumpets please....chip in a lazy $200 and guess what, you are an owner.
no ta....

ps...hope you don't think i am being too harsh...
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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,912 posts
    edited April 11
    So they are already ripping people off with the "ownership" ruse...now they wanna fill the coffers by another 50 bucks per head too..lol

    Clearly struggling to sell this concept UNSURPRISINGLY..

    Not harsh at all Falc imo.
    Definitely an overpriced concept, but if it helps getting people into ownership or gets them to the races, I’m all for it
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,912 posts
    If it's fair and "Services" provided are fairly applied and profit margin is reasonable but not at the expense of fat cats getting rich? there is a massive amount of surplus funds after expenses for this concept.It's VERY overpriced.
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,616 posts
    i would suggest that it will be an abject failure....entirely the avarice approach of the "organisers"..
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,616 posts
    could somebody please explain the gist of this promo.
    The Racing League???
    whatever it is, its designed to extract dosh from gullible pockets...
  • hashhash    7,123 posts
    Pay an amount and own a micro share in a potential superstar horse trained by some of the countries best trainers
  • NgawyniNgawyni    573 posts
    Better off buying 2 tickets in the MSWA lottery. 

    There's no end of spin in this - have a look at the announcement of the 6 WA trainers who were voted on - I believe there were only 7 trainers to choose from so the only one who missed out was Vaughan Sigley:

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  • savethegamesavethegame    2,118 posts
    Queensland  & Victoria got the best names---Qld.----Rogues---Vic---Husslers --to keep it in the right context--W.A. shouid have been called Gropers ---NSW--Roachers..---So  the uneducated could cotton on quick  not to take it serious if they joined.---and the Organisers don't have to look through there eyebrows.

     For the humour One ton of manure should be tipped on the trainers and state managers for the team that run's last---.because they would have still made  a quid.
  • spinkingspinking    3,028 posts
    First get together this saturday. even this seems like a rip. Racecourse entry racebook. event in the directors lounge snacks throughout the day and two drink vouchers cost $100 plus booking fee. Please give us a spell

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,616 posts
    be interesting how many have paid up. brittany will be busy belting up and down from mounting yard to the "come in spinner" lounge.
    it is a rip, spinking, i smelled a dirt big rodent when i first started reading...

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  • jumjum    2,930 posts
    If this is on the nose as bad as we all know it is. Why is this plastered all over this site in this bright yellow  :-&
    Having Brittney's face on here makes it slightly easier though 

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,912 posts
    well i think Chris said that PTT are on board? not sure though..each to their own.

  • Precision1Precision1    216 posts
    Think those in charge of the advertising market of this have missed the mark advertising here on a forum full of people who can see this for what it is.  Probably better spent on General sport forums like AFL chats etc where they won’t get called on the rort this is.

    I actually feel a bit for Brittany, Shane Crawford etc, of course they’re gonna take the cash up front for the promotional work they’re asked to do, their managers would have likely signed them up for it.  Not their fault the product is a rip off and it could end up tarnishing their brand

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,912 posts
    Yeh agree I don't think they should be tarnished really, the architect and his fatcats are the real err..takers in the overall scheme.

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  • savethegamesavethegame    2,118 posts
    Drive the getaway car-- as guilty as the bankrobber

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,616 posts
    ^^ so true, stg....

    would Brittany have a manager?
  • Precision1Precision1    216 posts
    So when the banks get caught charging fees to dead people or whatever other despicable acts they try get away with on a regular basis do we blame the people they use in their advertisements?

    And if Brittany doesn’t have a manager I’d be very surprised........ because she should have one

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,616 posts
    what other gigs does brittany do besides the saturday one and having her pic for dress code in the race book?
  • psychopsycho    360 posts
    Brittany was offered a job, she has done the work asked of her (I assume) and now she should get paid for the job. The gig is not illegal in any way shape or form, it is the individual purchaser of these shares to workout if they get ripped off or not. Some purchasers wont give a hoot if they make money. Brittany is young, attractive and engaging and that is why she is doing this job. I actually hope they get a couple of good horses, and have their share of winners because unfortunately it is unlikely a profit will be made by the shareholders

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  • jumjum    2,930 posts
    Wednesdays meeting. Melbourne Spring Carnival to name a few.
    I would say she would also host a heap of events outside racing too
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,616 posts
    i'm prett sure Brittany is also studying.....
    she seems like a young jenny seaton......
  • spinkingspinking    3,028 posts
    Nothing against your eyes or era Falcon . But one is group 1 (Britt) the other listed company group 3 at best.

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,616 posts
    would you believe the listed company is 78 yrs old.... 8-X

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  • spinkingspinking    3,028 posts
    Falc . Unfourtunatly my comparison was when she was in her prime

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,616 posts
    ^^ i knew her in her prime...and she's still is ....at 70 bloody 8...
  • ChrisChris    4,596 posts
    It's all about getting a taste for ownership. I'll be out there tomorrow. 
  • spinkingspinking    3,028 posts
    What happens when one of these horses wins and all 200 people are on course . Firstly do they all get mounting yard passes. When i have a runner the office lady says how many would you require. If all 200 say two passes please thats 400 people in the mounting yard. Secondly how will they fit all of those people in that little winners circle room after the race. Just asking?
  • FlandersFlanders    817 posts
    My opinion is - If people want to be involved they can decide for themselves if the money being asked for is something they can afford/justify. Just because someone else thinks it is overs doesn't mean it is a scam or whatever. There are heaps of people who can't afford to be an owner or part-owner of a horse in the traditional way so why not let them have a taste and just leave it at that?

    Or are there axes being ground here?
  • spinkingspinking    3,028 posts
    Your 100% correct Flanders. Same as everything in life up to the individual if it’s the right fit. Don’t think any body has a axe to grind with it . Same as most posts on here just people voicing their opinions

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,616 posts
    flanders and spinking, its not the actual spin for the syndication we were going crook about. what it was is 100 bucks for snacks and 2 drinks...if anybody does not think that is daylight robbery is a very easily conned person...
    hope someone has a peek and see how many dudes are in the lounge...buying their 3rd or 4th drink....
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