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GP- 2yo Pearl Classic (Gp1)

Harness & Greyhounds
Race 1-   Louie The Horse,  Caveman,  Master Leighton,  Fanci A Dance
Race 2-   Major Stare,  Rakasinc,  Blue Blazer,  Henwood Bay
Race 3-   Born To Boogie,  Mighty Ronaldo,  Parmesan,  Shanway
Race 4-   Lavra Joe,  To Fast To Serious,  Tyler Brett,  Boom Time
Race 5-   Patronus Star,  Balcatherine,  Chicago Bull,  Stroke Of Luck
Race 6-   The Miki Taker,  Whataretheodds,  Floewriter,  Whos The Dad
Race 7-   Smooth Rye,  Bettor Pack It,  Miss Limelight,  Benesari Lane
Race 8-   Son Of A Whiz,  Princess Mila,  On Fast Forward,  Tokyo Joe
Race 9-   Nota Bene Denario,  Bettor Copagoodone,  Jesse Allwood,  Smart Fortune
Race 10- Powerplay,  Arma Einstein,  Chance Eclipse,  Per Ardua Ad Astra
Race 11- Black Jack Baby,  Our Star Billing,  Cluster Star,  Patriakiar

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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    3,738 posts
    Looking at the starting prices listed as available last night it was a case of blink and you miss it as a number of the horses I thought might be good bets had shortened up dramatically before I readied myself to get involved.

    Sticking with the same plan that has been good to me over the last couple of months with 1 or 2 bets shaped to cover the night then some plays for hopefully a nice kicker.'

    Main bet tonight R2 No5 Rakasinc win multi into R3 No2 Triroyale Brigade a place.

    R1: FF. Like this race from a novelties view point. Fave No1 really looks to have no issues leading and winning other than he looks like he can be a bit wayward  I thought No9 Fanci A Dance could work forward to the breeze quite comfortably and repeat last run definitely runs top 4. Anchoring it with Master Leighton chugging along on the faves back throwing in 2,3,5,6,11.

    R2: No5 Rakasinc win. He can just let the dust settle and then stroll to the front, then they wont see where he went. Even at the $1.65 he is probably still some value.

    R3: No2 Triroyale Brigade 1by2. I think they would be crazy not to come out and have a look with Back In Twenty. Probably only a 10% chance of getting across but that's its only way of winning and nothing wrong with being in the breeze if they are walking. So Triroyale Brigade cdan just slot straight in behind the fave, he is a pretty handy horse and I wouldnt be surprised if he at least gave the fave backers a real fright.

    R4: No1 Tyler Brett EW. Just think he gets the perfect camp on them. Lavra Joe with the big one in a week, Still question marks on Too Fast Too Serious if it cops a bit of a stare down, Tyler Brett to strike.

    R5: No1 Ideal Liner win. Looks to get it very soft early, I think its a massive chance of not getting caught.

    R6: No2 Whos The Dad win. Pound for pound What Are The Odds has the talent but I just think at this stage he will really beat up on horses when he gets his way but might struggle in a tactical race. Voaky can lead and use his smarts.

    R7: No1 Bettor Pack It win. Getting back out in the market now. Originally I had it pegged that she would sit on Adda Tarantella, let her cop the pressure from Millwood Gucci and zap them. Hearing Voaky I now have no idea how it will be run but am happy to back him in to get it done.

    R9: No2 Disco Under Fire EW. This stable gets its wins in patches, is hot at them moment so want to be on. Think it can cross the 1 easily then has options. Is a throw at the stumps, hopefully not over throws.

    R10: No7 Arma Einstein Win, tote. Love how this bloke is going. Another no idea how it might win but happy to back it all the same.

    Good luck all.

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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    1,982 posts
    There is a champion going around at GP tonight at $3.40 fixed.
    It's time.

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  • freodockersfreodockers    989 posts
    Vespa sit the pegs one last crack at them
  • Rocket_ReignRocket_Reign    490 posts

    Vespa sit the pegs one last crack at them

    The leaders didn’t get tired enough for him haha
  • freodockersfreodockers    989 posts
    Smokey’s Shadow ew first Bunbury.

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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    3,738 posts

    Vespa sit the pegs one last crack at them

    The leaders didn’t get tired enough for him haha

    Scared me when I saw it coming out of the pack!

    Wish I had of seen the Smokey pick earlier and elevated it in the FF.

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  • freodockersfreodockers    989 posts
    If Smokey sticks to the fence I reckon he wins.
    Funny how the wheel turns.

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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    3,738 posts
    Bloody hell what a race that was.

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