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Cricket 2021/22



  • VillageKidVillageKid    2,251 posts
    PC said:

    Very happy to see Josh Inglis making his international debut for Australia tonight in the first T20 match against Sri Lanka at the SCG. I was lucky enough to have Josh in First Grade Premier cricket when I was umpiring when he was starting out at Joondalup cricket club. Josh is a nice guy and a good player - can bat and is a very good wicket keeper.

    Josh Inglis is the most accomplished keeper/batsman in the country PC.
    He should be the Test keeper soon with another West Aussie in Josh Phillipe his understudy.
  • PCPC    2,181 posts
    Brad Haddin is the last wicketkeeper to post a Test century for Australia, nearly 10 years ago during the 2013/14 Ashes series.

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  • PCPC    2,181 posts
    Great Test match between Pakistan and Australia. Australia scored 556/9 and declared and Usman Khawaja led the way with 160 - he is in such good form at the moment, at the peak of his powers. Then Australia poured on the pressure with the ball and bowled Pakistan out for only 148 in their first innings. In reply Australia scored 97 and declared again, Usman Khawaja chipping in with 44 not out. This meant Pakistan had a mammoth 516 runs to win. Hardly anyone gave Pakistan a chance of winning the game or even surviving for a draw but the captain Babar Azam (196), opener Abdullah Shafique (96) and Mohammad Rizwan (104 not out) dug deep and survived despite Australia throwing everything at them. In nearly 171 overs Australia couldn't bowl Pakistan out to win the game. Both teams going at it. Great Test match for world test cricket. Match drawn. Exciting finish. Gotta love Test cricket. One for the neutrals and all cricket fans

    #PakistanVsAustralia #Day5 #Karachi

    #MatchDrawn #WorldCricket

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  • TiversTivers    7,720 posts
    Had everyone watching, I know that much
  • VillageKidVillageKid    2,251 posts
    edited March 2022
    Australia once again struggle to bowl a side out on Day 4 & 5 in the 4th Innings to win the Test in the last 3 years-

    Headingley 2019
    Sydney 2021
    Brisbane 2021
    Sydney 2022
    Karachi 2022

    Is our bowling attack just a touch overrated?

  • G-MacG-Mac    1,553 posts
    I feel the 50 over game has been on the slide for a while and this is further proof. Prioritising a domestic T20 tournament over international cricket. The ICC needs to step in to protect the international game or the poorer nations will continue to walk away.

  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    2,417 posts

    Another one for Australia to look forward to
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,734 posts
    Its a bit like the Charlie Griffiths - Ian Redpath run out of many years ago 

    Griffiths kept warning Goose neck Redpath to stay behind his crease - im pretty sure Griffiths ran him out when  he charged in to bowl a delivery 
  • PCPC    2,181 posts
    A very small list this one:

    **Australian Opening Batsman to Score a Test Century in India**

    Usman Khawaja - 4th Test, 2023
    Score: 104 (still batting)
    Innings: 1st
    Ground: Ahmedebad

    Shane Watson - 1st Test, 2010
    Score: 126
    Innings: 1st
    Ground: Mohali

    Simon Katich - 4th Test, 2008
    Score: 102
    Innings: 2nd
    Ground: Nagpur

    Matthew Hayden - 3rd Test, 2001
    Score: 203
    Innings: 1st
    Ground: Chennai

    Matthew Hayden - 1st Test, 2001
    Score: 119
    Innings: 2nd
    Ground: Wankhede

    Mark Taylor - 3rd Test, 1998
    Score: 102 not out
    Innings: 4th
    Ground: Bengalore

    Geoff Marsh - 3rd Test, 1986
    Score: 101
    Innings: 1st
    Ground: Wankhede

    David Boon - 1st Test, 1986
    Score: 122
    Innings: 1st
    Ground: Chennai

    Graham Yallop - 5th Test, 1979
    Score: 167
    Innings: 1st
    Ground: Eden Gardens

    Keith Stackpole - 1st Test, 1969
    Score: 103
    Innings: 2nd
    Ground: Brabourne

    Les Favell - 4th Test, 1960
    Score: 101
    Innings: 1st
    Ground: Chennai

    Jim Burke - 2nd Test, 1959
    Score: 161
    Innings: 2nd
    Ground: Brabourne
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