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US Open tennis 2021.



  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,621 posts
    edited September 2022

    Alcaraz Garfia stuns the 3rd seed and toilet cheat Tsistipas in a 5 set classic....  :-O :D

    Is a potential star born? Someone for Rafa to pass the baton onto i wonder.....

    Just thought I'd give myself a little wrap here Det

    Grand Slam winner at 19 :D sky is the limit for this kid could be a potential future great, early days but has all the attributes and will only get better.

    As I leave..i'll have a dig at all the pretenders who have failed to pick up the baton Zverev, Tsitsipas and Co have all likely been overtaken already, it's been evident for a while they just aren't good enough.

    Also real shame about Kyrgios an opportunity lost maybe his best ever to win a slam(wtf did he play doubles???), can't say I liked the double racquet smash after shaking hands after the loss but that's him he was gutted(I've done 1 racquet numerous times as a junior, even threw my racquet over the fence once during a tournament lol...)
    Nick is controversial as phuck and arguably a dickhead sometimed but still a super talent..I still like the guy whilst at the same time cringing at some of the "noises" he makes.
  • detonatordetonator    4,334 posts
    Picked it like a dirty nose TS.
    This kid is a special talent. Reckon he has Djokovic covered for athleticism. I know 19yo vs 35yo but he reminds me of a young Nadal in terms of him never being out of the point.
    Some of the rallies I have seen him being part of in this tournament were off the charts.
    Will enjoy watching him in years to come that’s for sure.
    I am glad he has gone past those prima donnas Tsitsipas and Zverev. 
    Hearts as big as split peas those two. Haha.:D

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