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Sale of the WA TAB

Harness & Greyhounds
Expressions of Interest sought by the WA Government under much different conditions to the original proposal.

When I have had time to do some more research I will post my view on the new proposal and how it may affect the WA Racing Industry with particular emphasis on harness racing.


  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    2,325 posts
    In 2020 RWWA provided funding of $163m to the Racing Industry in Grants and Distribution (2021 figures not yet released).

    As I see it the affected parties and likely outcomes under the new proposal to sell the TAB will be:
    1. Punters - better off with the new operator highly likely to adopt a more aggressive approach to fixed odds and incentives.
    2. WA Racing Industry - the devil will be in the detail with the Government opting to fund the industry themselves. I am not sure that the Racing Industry having to go cap in hand to the Government for funding each year is the best option with changes of Government and Ministers going forward. This model was applied in Tasmania with very poor results.
    3. Harness Racing - I would not be confident that Harness Racing which received $36m or 22% of the total distribution in 2020 can maintain that rate of distribution.
    4. By removing the requirement for the purchaser to fund the Racing Industry the purchase price will increase significantly and a Government flush with funds may opt to provide the Racing Industry with a significant share of the purchase price for much needed infrastructure. Particularly as the Government is hell bent on riding its current popularity status. This could be a silver lining.
    5. Tabcorp still appeals as the likely suitor which would mean WA would remain in the Supertab pool whereas a another operator may not be afforded that capacity.
    6. With Tabcorp's focus on on line betting TAB Agents may not get the same support that is afforded to them at present.
    Interesting times ahead.

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  • JayJayJayJay    6,472 posts
    Ben Harvey, whoever he is, a trumpet from channel Stokes, already agitating for the sale proceeds to be given back to Taxpayers, thus depriving the industry of either infrastructure funds or, perhaps more importantly, survival. Early signs are looking grim as ex Channel Stokes employee Minister Whitby may well be labelled "Whitby's Missing Pennies" or, as the bulldozers move in on Nelson Crescent, "Whitby's Missing Heritage". Apologies to Dr Ed, ironically a nominee for Life Membership at the upcoming AGM of GPHRC later this month.

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  • freodockersfreodockers    1,305 posts
    Like I said many posts ago JayJay Nelson Crescent will be all that’s left under the current regime.
    The value, who knows, but watch the posturing prior to the axe falling.
  • JayJayJayJay    6,472 posts
    Answer is probably in the bleeding obvious column but why would RWWA recommend to the state government to sell the TAB and decouple the buyer from stumping up the cash for the ongoing sustainability of the Industry? Currently, for better or worse, the TAB provides $163 million in distribution plus the ongoing costs of sustaining the bureaucracy to run racing and wagering, i.e. pay all the wages,super etc of the employees and so on. In the EOI document, it just says that the Industry will enter into some as yet undefined funding arrangement with the state to sustain the 3 codes. So, the Industry marches up to Parliament House with it's begging bowl on an annual basis? All this from the sale of an asset that originally cost government nothing and has been providing a dividend to government from day 1. If there is logic in selling it, other than it is not performing at an optimum level, then I can't see it. If there is a hole in the bucket, fix it, don't sell the bucket. I suspect that what Whitby's Missing Pennies knows about racing would fit into a leprechauns sewing thimble but who knows what the future holds. As i say about 18 times a day, the world has gone crazy.

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  • savethegamesavethegame    2,243 posts
    Sale of TAB Remember 3yrs ago Burt saying we are very small  compared to the  corporates with only  60k account holders plus foot traffic.He had a figure what he thought it was worth but wouldn't divulge but 65% of the sale would go towards  building a new hospital----the other 35% for infrastructure nothing for stakes, after that you just go  cap in hand, to the government of the day.--With the buyer to keep things running.& funding as is.

    They were testing electronic gaming options animated horse and greyhound racing which at the time not allowed under W.A.'s wagering licence whether that gets changed in due course ?  you can see the Corridor will eventual provide the live product Bunbury ,Pinjarra, G.P. racing & pacing . 
    What amazes me how does the new owner get there money back.---Tabtouch only survives based on very little risk taking setting markets etc.--- on losing punters plus  product fees from corporates---must be a huge winfall to amalgamate. for the new owner with saving on staff, control rooms  etc  which must immediately go on  the profit side.

    Stand correct with just remembering a few figures G.P tab would t/over 800--1mil. on a friday night 20 odd years ago think now its about 450k. but combined with the corporates it would be 1.2mil now . so harness is growing but nowhere as fast as the gallops and dogs  who want a big slice of the pie  harness racing .was only contributing about 14% but receiving  22%. figures that was mentioned few years ago.
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,803 posts
    My 4 bobs worth 

    Lets hope if it is TABCorp  - then they have  learnt from the disastrous merger with the NSW TAB - their staff and mgt wernt ready for that - and the 6mths- 12mths that followed - the service was atrocious 

      They said at the time ( and how in hell it passed the ACC - I mean it would be like Coles taking over Woolworths ) they were going to merge the pools - well to this day they havent -they are terrified if they do - the combined figure will drop 

    Before the merger - and i was betting big time - exclusively trifectas and 1st 4s - and it was phone betting - i had accounts with both and still do . The NSW TAB - when it came to putting in claims were excellent - even maybe a bit soft - they didnt argue the toss - an example Cranbourne Trots - $600 trif i had for a $1 - it was debatable whether i got the bet on before they jumped - there was something along those lines - but i put the written claim in  - and i can remember speaking to the claims officer bloke - and he said no all good we will pay it - which they did 

    As soon as the merger went through that changed totally - with just the Victorians in charge - did not get 1 claim paid after that - it was shocking . I can remember a Sunday twilight Shepparton Trots meeting - and i use to across alot of meetings re box tris 5/6/7/8 - without even looking at the form - and i snagged quite a few of them . The only way you could put a bet on for that meeting  - was speech express ( which back then was hopeless - error riddled heap of shiit ). I read out the bet 4-5 times - it kept coming back 5/6/7 no 8 - the tri came in - it was worth 2k to me - put in my claim - they refused to pay - the lady said unfortunately the speech was thinking  when i said 8 - it took the word as " At " 50 cents - she said you should have mixed up your numbers - so it was not ending in 8 - thus we are not paying 

    I was that piiissed off at the time - i wrote to Adrian Dunn - who had a harness racing column in the Melb Herald/ Sun and he was bagging the shiit out of Tabcorp at the time - and he actually put my Shepp Trots fiasco in his column 

    So re the sale of the WA TAB - dont think or take for granted that customer service will improve
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