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Skinny card but beats Narro.

R1. Sembello
R3. Primitive
R4. Acting God (best)
R5. I'm Eugene
R6. Ima Sly Fox
R7. Chiclett


  • VoodooVoodoo    963 posts
    Surveillance race 4 may just run them into the ground but has had plenty of chances.
    Saturday Sun race 5 best E/W 

    Each Way selections;

    R4 Trade Trauma can surprise
    R5 Yankee Lima if can get own way in front
    R6 Morwella is currently over the odds
    R7 Friar Way will finish strongly

  • thefalconthefalcon    18,147 posts
    what have you been smoking, slip?
  • ChrisChris    4,740 posts
    Anyone for a second placing?
  • hashhash    7,221 posts
    Whats with the delay on the last

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  • tonytony    2,144 posts
    Ambulance called away
  • FlandersFlanders    911 posts
    Any news on how Chris Graham is after that fall? Looked nasty
  • tonytony    2,144 posts
    Suspected broken collar bone
    edited November 25
    thefalcon said:

    what have you been smoking, slip?

    The same as Chris oh and for roughies there were some good runs and worth following.

    For the record Falcon every selection of mine ran far better than your selections
  • thefalconthefalcon    18,147 posts
    i don't worry about thursday northam "races".... :-B
    edited November 26
    Then you shouldn't have a crack at someone who may on the day attempt to entice fellow contributors to post selections. 
    Admittedly on this occasion my attempt to entice others along with my selections failed. :D
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