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GP- WA Mares Classic (Gp1)

Harness & Greyhounds
Race 1-   Machnificent,  The Ideal Touch,  Beat City,  Harley Zest
Race 2-   Mirragon,  The White Rabbit,  Alice Kay,  Rockaball
Race 3-   Back In Twenty,  Im Soxy,  My Carbon Copy,  Jaspervellabeach
Race 4-   Hampton Banner,  Perfect Major,  Wildwest,  Diego
Race 5-   Balcatherine,  Born To Boogie,  Savvy Bromac,  Wainui Creek
Race 6-   Rock Me Over,  Double Expresso,  Whoswhointhezoo,  Bee Seventeen
Race 7-   Finvarra,  Jumpingjackmac,  Blitzembye,  Cowboys n Bandits
Race 8-   Five Bangles,  Queeninthecorner,  Jay Elle,  In The Spotlight
Race 9-   Heez Our Perseus,  Our Shelley Beach,  McArdles Gem,  Machlani
Race 10- Tokyo Joe,  No Republic,  Majestic Courtney,  The Male Model
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  • Ivorytrunkey86Ivorytrunkey86    115 posts
    Is tonight the night for the dojo
  • freodockersfreodockers    1,339 posts
    Only roughie for the night Bracken Sky.

  • freodockersfreodockers    1,339 posts
    Has anyone heard of a horse called “Cowboys and Indians”.
    Raced last night at GP.
    Gotta laugh.

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  • JayJayJayJay    6,529 posts
    PLattitude also snuck into the same race, only 7 in the race and he got two of the names wrong, an embarrassment. No laughing matter, it is awful.
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,831 posts
    Ritchies biggest problem as a caller - is he is a punter - and thus you can make mistakes 

    I like the Qld caller Chris Barsby - he calls each race with plenty of excitement - and it is totally unbiased in the call - re every horse in the race 

    That race in question - where the 2 mistakes have been mentioned - the biggest  knock on that call to me is when the winner Star of Willoughby hit the line and won 

    That Qld caller would have called that with full of excitement and deservedly so - where as Ritchie he nearly cried when they hit the line - might have knocked him out of the jackpot  4 and quaddies

    If you owned Star of Willoughby - given that it has come with a sensational run - spotted the leaders 40 metres at the 400 - probably its career best win - well youd probably want to watch the replay  ( especially the last 400 ) 20 plus times - it deserved an exhilarating call - especially when it hit the line and won - deserved a crescendo for its performance - but in my opinion didnt receive it 
  • freodockersfreodockers    1,339 posts
    I honestly thought the first time he called the horse “Cowboys and Indians” it was a bit of a bad joke. But it went for the whole race, was half expecting an apology at the end.
    The horse has good country form and is not an unknown so really no excuse.
  • Ivorytrunkey86Ivorytrunkey86    115 posts
    Race 4 when he said and Hampton banner has won with wild west was crossing the line in front.
  • ArapahoArapaho    81 posts
    Not Excusing Ritchie ,
    But there is a horse called Cowboys N Indians races over East ,currently stood down .
    By Somebeachsome out of Cowgirls N Indians
    Sometimes things get stuck in your head.
  • ArapahoArapaho    81 posts
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