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AFLW 2022

PAULPAUL    2,665 posts
edited December 2021 Sport
The 2022 AFLW fixtures have been released.

Fri 7/1 4:15 STK v RIC, Skybus Stadium
Sat 8/1 2:10 NM v GEE, Arden Street
Sat 8/1 4:00 WB v MEL, Whitten Oval
Sat 8/1 5:50 FRE v ADE, Fremantle Oval
Sun 9/1 1:10 CAR v COL, Ikon Park
Sun 9/1 3:10 GC v GWS, Great Barrier Reef Arena
Sun 9/1 5:10 WCE v BL, Lathlain Park

Fri 14/1 4:10 RIC v MEL, Punt Road Oval
Sat 15/1 12:10 COL v STK, Victoria Park
Sat 15/1 2:10 BL v CAR, Maroochydore MSC
Sat 15/1 4:10 GEE v WB, Kardinia Park
Sat 15/1 6:10 WCE v GC, Lathlain Park
Sun 16/1 12:10 ADE v NM, Norwood Oval
Sun 16/1 2:10 FRE v GC, Fremantle Oval

Fri 21/1 4:10 GEE v COL, Kardinia Park
Sat 22/1 12:10 MEL v STK, Casey Fields
Sat 22/1 2:10 RIC v FRE, Punt Road Oval
Sat 22/1 4:10 GC v BL, Carrara
Sun 23/1 10:10 NM v GWS, Arden Street
Sun 23/1 12:10 WB v CAR, Whitten Oval
Sun 23/1 2:10 WCE v ADE, Lathlain Park

Fri 28/1 4:40 GC v RIC, Carrara
Sat 29/1 10:10 ADE v MEL, Norwood Oval
Sat 29/1 12:10 STK v WCE, Trevor Barker Beach Oval
Sat 29/1 2:10 BL v GEE, Maroochydore MSC
Sun 30/1 10:10 CAR v NM, Ikon Park
Sun 30/1 12:10 COL v FRE, Victoria Park
Sun 30/1 2:10 GWS v WB, Henson Park

Fri 4/2 4:10 GEE v WCE, Kardinia Park
Sat 5/2 12:10 GWS v STK, Henson Park
Sat 5/2 2:10 BL v COL, Maroochydore MSC
Sat 5/2 4:10 WB v RIC, Whitten Oval
Sun 6/2 10:10 NM v FRE, North Hobart Oval
Sun 6/2 12:10 CAR v ADE, Ikon Park
Sun 6/2 2:10 MEL v GC, Casey Fields

Fri 11/2 4:10 STK v BL, RSEA Park
Sat 12/2 12:10 RIC v NM, Punt Road Oval
Sat 12/2 2:10 COL v WCE, Victoria Park
Sat 12/2 4:10 FRE v CAR, Fremantle Oval
Sun 13/2 10:10 MEL v GWS, Casey Fields
Sun 13/2 12:10 ADE v WB, Norwood Oval
Sun 13/2 2:10 GC v GEE, Fankhauser Reserve

Feb 18/2 4:10 NM v COL, York Park
Feb 19/2 12:10 GWS v ADE, Blacktown ISP
Feb 19/2 2:10 CAR v STK, Ikon Park
Feb 19/2 4:10 WCE v RIC, Lathlain Park
Feb 20/2 10:10 GEE v FRE, Kardinia Park
Feb 20/2 12:10 BL v MEL, Maroochydore MSC
Feb 20/2 2:10 WB v GC, Whitten Oval

Fri 25/2 4:10 GWS v CAR, Manuka Oval
Sat 26/2 2:10 RIC v GEE, Punt Road Oval
Sat 26/2 4:10 MEL v NM, Casey Fields
Sat 26/2 6:10 FRE v WCE, Optus Stadium
Sun 27/2 10:10 COL v WB, Victoria Park
Sun 27/2 12:10 ADE v BL, Norwood Oval
Sun 27/2 2:10 GC v STK, Carrara

ROUND 9 (Fri 4/3 - Sun 6/3)
ADE v COL, Norwood Oval
BL v NM, Maroochydore MSC
CAR v GC, Ikon Park
FRE v MEL, Fremantle Oval
GWS v RIC, Blacktown ISP
WCE v WB, Lathlain Park

ROUND 10 (Fri 11/3 - Sun 13/3)
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  • PAULPAUL    2,665 posts
    PAUL said:

    The 2022 AFLW fixtures have been released.

    ROUND 10 (Fri 11/3 - Sun 13/3)

    Final round of fixtures have been released.

    ROUND 10
    COL v GC, Victoria Park
    GEE v GWS, Kardinia Park
    MEL v CAR, Casey Fields
    NM v WCE, Arden Street
    RIC v BL, Swinburne Centre
    STK v ADE, RSEA Park
    WB v FRE, Mars Stadium (Ballarat)
  • RIORIO    14,882 posts
    i watched the weegirls play yesterday. Yep the full game.

    First full game for about 3 seasons. An i was happy to see a increase in skill use when the girls were in control of the ball. However still a big issue when going after the lose ball.

    Will try again during the season, but initially good to see there has been improvement.
  • freodockersfreodockers    2,667 posts
    Essendon yesterday were unbelievable.
    Any knockers of AFLW suggest you watch that game.
    Best I have seen and they will take out premiership.
  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    2,883 posts
    A bit premature Freo the team they were playing is predicted to win the wooden spoon. I would suggest that they are well in arrears of Melbourne and Brisbane in terms of premiership prospects.

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  • freodockersfreodockers    2,667 posts
    Not from what I saw Chariots.
    Time will tell.
  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    2,883 posts
    Plenty of $15 plus available Essendon Freo you should be launching in.

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