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WA announces the Pinnacles concept to replace Masters carnival

West Australian Racing
PerthTurfTalkPerthTurfTalk    3,054 posts
Western Australia’s premier thoroughbred racing carnival is reaching new heights with more prize money, more top-class races and more excitement.

The traditional Masters racing carnival featuring three Group 1 race days is being reimagined as The Pinnacles and extended to five feature races across five sparkling race days, with around $10.5million in prize money.

A new $1.5million race to be run at weight-for-age over 1400m and sponsored by TABtouch will be created to conclude The Pinnacles series and all Western Australians are invited to help to choose a name which perfectly represents our state.

Racing and Wagering Western Australia Chief Executive Officer Ian Edwards said the spring races would be recharged with an extra $3.5million for winners.

“In naming our premier racing carnival The Pinnacles we’re declaring that we’re aiming high as well as showcasing the best of Western Australia to the world,” Ian said.

“We want to attract top-class racing talent to compete in The Pinnacles along with visitors to experience both the glamour and excitement of racing and the unique charm and magnificence of WA.

“The series kicks off with the Placid Ark Stakes. The three Group 1 races follow, the Railway Stakes, Winterbottom Stakes and the Kingston Town Classic, which have all had prize money boosts to $1.5million.

“We’re adding a new $1.5million race to the series so interstate raiders can back up a Group 1 run with another showcase race to amplify the rewards and prestige.

“We are putting it out to all West Aussies to give this race a name which best symbolises our state.

“The recharging of this important spring racing festival is part of our recent commitment to an extra $30million in funding for WA racing by 2025, the biggest boost in our history.”

Perth Racing Chief Executive Officer James Oldring said the racing festival would be hosted at the beautiful riverside Ascot Racecourse.

“We have missed seeing interstate horses on our tracks during the COVID pandemic and this is our chance to reignite the race series and welcome visitors back to WA,” James said.

“This is the perfect opportunity for us to show our WA hospitality, promote great regional places to visit and watch some of the nation’s star gallopers take on the best of the West.

“At Perth Racing, we look forward to staging the inaugural Pinnacles and creating an event that WA can be proud of.”

The Pinnacles (supported by TABtouch)


Day 1 – Euroz Hartleys Champion Fillies’ Day
Saturday 12 November

Featuring the Group 3 $200,000 Champion Fillies’ Stakes over 1,600m and the Listed Placid Ark Stakes over 1,200m, now worth $500,000.

Day 2 – Furphy Railway Stakes Day
Saturday 19 November

Featuring the Group 1 $1.5 million Furphy-Railway Stakes over 1,600m.


Day 3 – Crown Perth Winterbottom Stakes Day
Saturday 26 November
Featuring the Group 1 $1.5 million Crown Perth-Winterbottom Stakes over 1,200m.

Day 4 – Drummond Golf Kingston Town Classic Day
Saturday 3 December

Featuring the Group 1 $1.5 million Drummond Golf Kingston Town Classic over 1,800m.


Day 5 – Raceday sponsored by TABtouch
Saturday 10 December
Featuring a new Group 3 $1.5 million race sponsored by TABtouch over 1,400m under WFA conditions. Raceday and race name to be advised.

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  • Precision1Precision1    544 posts
    The West Australian is running a competition to name the new 1400m Group 3 run at WFA.  I suggested the A.J. Scahill stakes 

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  • ChrisChris    5,229 posts
    I've suggested the The 1400m Group 1 McGowan

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  • Precision1Precision1    544 posts
    Ha ha that will get up

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  • meatpiemeatpie    413 posts
    All should be congratulated, think the concept sounds good. Well done.

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    Great work from everyone involved.

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  • TiversTivers    7,720 posts
    $1.5m would have to be one of the best paying G3 races going round

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  • detonatordetonator    4,366 posts
    There will be knockers and people having differing opinions etc. Because that is their lot in life.
    But at least they are having a crack.

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,687 posts
    Always will be Det your right but their trying to make it.l more appealing so i5 can't be a bad thing.

    Money talks, so its up to the e.s trainers and owners now.
  • RodentRodent    7,037 posts
    edited June 2022
    Day 5 – Raceday sponsored by TABtouch
    Saturday 10 December
    Featuring a new Group 3 $1.5 million race sponsored by TABtouch over 1,400m under WFA conditions. Raceday and race name to be advised.

    The Magnificent 7 (furlongs).

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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    4,732 posts
    Surely The Perth Turf Talk Classic.

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  • ChrisChris    5,229 posts
    Gilgamesh said:

    Surely The Perth Turf Talk Classic.

    There was a famous race in Albany that went by that name

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  • thefalconthefalcon    19,986 posts
    with the melbourne carnival finished it would be great if we could get say, 3 or 4 eastern states jocks over for the $1.5m gr3 on 10th december.
    bring them over thursday, plonk them in crown, have a meet and greet on friday, race on saturday and fly out on sunday.
    i know john allen would jump at it if his obligations allowed.

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  • psychopsycho    654 posts
    Chris said:

    I've suggested the The 1400m Group 1 McGowan

    If we got no horses or jockeys from the "east" we could call it The "Bungle Bungles"

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  • psychopsycho    654 posts
    On a more serious note I think they may look for an aborigional flavour ? Maybe something to do with the river in the Ascot area ? 
  • RodentRodent    7,037 posts
    Chris said:

    I've suggested the The 1400m Group 1 McGowan

    Restricted to fully vaccinated WA horses only.

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  • NgawyniNgawyni    738 posts
    No mention of the Guineas. Presumably still run on the same day as the Railway for $500k.
  • spinkingspinking    3,745 posts
    Psycho. Think your onto it . With the other racing story about the Carnarvon mob and racing up north. And all businesses wanting to be seen as being inclusive I reckon the Pinnacles Derbal Yerrigan or similar will be front and centre to their thinking
  • spinkingspinking    3,745 posts
    Good to see some earnest money being thrown at it and commend the powers that be having a crack. But a carnival over that amount of time . Detracts from it a little bit. My opinion only
  • FlandersFlanders    1,205 posts
    This is great to see. Not that I've had an in-depth look at the timing, I loudly applaud the decision-makers on this announcement
  • Piston_BrokePiston_Broke    2,047 posts
    I would have prefered they spread it around across the board
  • NgawyniNgawyni    738 posts
    The RWWA media announcement on 26 May promised $11.79m increase in “thoroughbred base stakes and a range of initiatives” for 2023 increasing to $16.72m by 2024 season. So hopefully an announcement of increases in base stakes still to come.
  • thefalconthefalcon    19,986 posts
    "The Wagyl"....... :-S

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  • Vincent_vegaVincent_vega    472 posts
    The 1400m WFA:
    The Western Gold Rush
    The Nullarbor Crossing
    The Kiln Classic (after the ascot kilns)

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  • psychopsycho    654 posts

    The 1400m WFA:
    The Western Gold Rush
    The Nullarbor Crossing
    The Kiln Classic (after the ascot kilns)

    I like ya thoughts VV a couple of good ideas

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  • JimmyPopJimmyPop    320 posts
    The Rolf Harris
  • TheDivaTheDiva    13,246 posts
    James Oldring was on Racing Radio this morning: https://bit.ly/3zyEECc 
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,675 posts
    So on a junket already when a phone call would have achieved the same result. This becomes a real test of his persuasion and ability to impact, several have tried in the past but in recent times in has been minimal and that is being kind.

    To rename the Kingston Town is just plain stupid. You were lucky to see him once here, he raced in my time in Sydney and he was a phenom. Name the new race after a WA horse by all means.

    FFS don't name it after a present or past committee member ever again.

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  • thefalconthefalcon    19,986 posts
    well he's certainly got the "barrow boy spiel". i would have thought trackwork would be the last place a trainer would want an in depth discussion. anyway, its a start. 
    the pinnacles is a great name for the series, WA to the core.
    we already have a northerly stakes. the eurithmic would be the choice if they care to rename the race.
    whilst on the subject of renaming, how about bringing the old c.b. cox back and drop the clog!!
    i was surprised james did not mention a visiting jockey day, i reckon that would be a great drawcard.
    whether the equilibrium can be carried thru the whole month is the big question. there is no way eastern staters could visit for the full month...at 5+ bucks a coffee will have 'em headin' for the airport after a weekend.
  • savethegamesavethegame    2,798 posts
    Thought   ''THE  BLUE SPEC''  would be suitable---- Blue spec won a Kalgoorlie Cup--Perth Cup-- Melbourne Cup

    Wish them well  Hope Bobs on the list ---only got a couple suitable types --Inspirationl Girl, --Regal Power--Showmanship--Western Empire--Graceful girl
  • Precision1Precision1    544 posts
    Of those Graceful Girl would be the one, try to defend the Winterbottom and then I actually think she’s more suited at 1400m anyway so perfect for the new race
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