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$30million in extra prize money announced today, huge increases in the spring sprints plus a $6million bonus for leading sprinter over the series.  RIP Manikato, Moir & Darley Sprint
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  • ManchildManchild    421 posts
    Sydney just gave the VRC a giant F U 

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  • G-MacG-Mac    1,467 posts
    My favourite part was when the Minister very quickly breezed past the 15% POC Tax as the major funding component of the prizemoney increases
  • Vincent_vegaVincent_vega    240 posts
    edited August 6

    $30million in extra prize money announced today, huge increases in the spring sprints plus a $6million bonus for leading sprinter over the series.  RIP Manikato, Moir & Darley Sprint

    They could be quite cheap G1’s this year, full of group 2&3 horses
  • (August 6 07:31PM )
    BrownbreadBrownbread    18 posts
    Looks like the big end of town AKA the breeders running the show just get your political mates to divert the POC into prize money at the top end then develop colts into stallions and average mares into black type winners and we all get a quid save the bush owners trainers and jocks who don’t rate a mention

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  • (August 6 09:34PM )
    savethegamesavethegame    2,558 posts
    How the trainer's and major owners i.e Studs purchasing these Colts that make it to the barn through orchestra ed .deals.
    .Take Yes Yes Yes after his success with Waller ----Then Weir puts his head up chasing 10 per cent of its sale price to Coolmore because he picked it out as a yearling
    The owners that had small percentage's had to watch as there money was put in a trust. As Weir was disqualified person well they tried to work it out ----Weir came back wanting 270k. You can google the story.

    Don't know how it played out in the end. 
    Your so right Brown Bread the battlers cop it 
  • (August 6 10:02PM )
    savethegamesavethegame    2,558 posts
    Should have wrote he was chasing 10 per cent .But then came back happy to take 5 percent which was 270k.
    Disqualified person at the time
  • (August 7 05:30PM )
    Vincent_vegaVincent_vega    240 posts
    edited August 7
    The dic*head loudmouth owner was on racing retro the next day after the everest saying darren weir is the best, darren weir told me to put blinkers on him blah blah blah the panel was so awkward they didnt want him waxing lyrical about a disqualified person so its no wonder why darren thought he deserved a sling, it sounded like he was jesus who could walk on water.....

    I thought it was common that whoever buys the horse gets a decent clip if it makes a stallion, obviously Brae doesnt agree, he seems to be a very good taker. He should name his next horse Me Me Me cos its all about him

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  • (August 8 01:06AM )
    thefalconthefalcon    18,868 posts
    i flick over to ch78 now and again. they advertise stallions from various studs extensively. the stud fees are incredible. they were spruiking one stallion at $22k saying he covered 120+ mares last season...get the calculators out.
    the big boys get in excess of $100k per cover..!!
    breeding, controlled by so few, is a HUGE business. 
  • (August 8 01:27AM )
    savethegamesavethegame    2,558 posts
    Some very sharp trainer's.--- The F.B.I. when they were at the top of the tree. Charged 15 per cent picking a yearling on top of its purchase price.

    150k.on a million even if later it couldn't win a maiden.
    Have read some of trainers the training contracts.---Sleep inducing jargon until you get a good one. :)>-  
    2021 sydney sale there was a colt  who was that sickled hocked you could cut grass with him.Anyway the big stud % would only come into play if he made 250k.---they were bidding against  Selling agent who were also at it to make  250k for  there %-----

    So when the bidding [email protected] 230k ;passed in.they went looking for the last legitmate bid  to negotiate a deal  but he had only bid 100k.
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